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Commandline utility, which show OSD

I'm newbe in c#. I coding command line utility, which show OSD (floating text on the screen) only. What the best practice for that ? What project better use for me: console application or windows form or other.... And.... if console application - how hide console ? If windows form...

How do you close a JOGL/NEWT GLWindow completely?

I have an incredibly dumb little sample, probably ripped straight from a tutorial, every time it runs it generates warnings on exit. I'm curious what I'm missing. Any ideas, links, things I'm forgetting? Here's the main window setup... package com.emarcotte; import javax.media.opengl.GLCapabilities; import javax.media.opengl.GLProfile; import com.jogamp.newt.event.KeyAdapter; import com.jogamp.newt.event.KeyEvent; import com.jogamp.newt.event.WindowAdapter;...