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JSyn function to play sounds

I'm recently working on a project on Java and i use SE 8. I have built a piano, which is playing music by playing several wav files, f.e. i have 5 organs and each button of my piano is one note of the selected music instrument. The instruments are selected...

Error binding MediaPlayer service to Activity

Been following the tutorial below: [1]: http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/258176/Adding-Background-Music-to-Android-App On the step "Starting, Pausing, Resuming and Stopping the Music Follow the given steps: Step 1: First bind the service to the activity by calling doBindService on your activity's onCreate as passing an intent to the service." I have added the binding service...

Android emulator native player on Eclipse

So i am working on something that tracks what im playing on native music player. Only problem is, that emulator doesn't seem to have any music on it. I'm using Eclipse for my project and i couldn't find answer anywhere. So, is there any way to get music in there?

How to Repeat Music in Swift

I would like to know how can I replay my background music forever, right now when the app loads the music begins but when it ends all is quiet, how can I make it to replay all the time. I am using AVFoundation Framework. Declaration: var BackgroundMusic = AVAudioPlayer(contentsOfURL: NSURL(fileURLWithPath:...

Using Swift to display title of currently playing .MP3

I was wondering if there was a straight forward way of displaying the image and title of the currently playing MP3 file my music player is playing. My code is as follows and is very simple for this example. I am only wanting to test using one .MP3 that I've...

freestreamer can not resume play music after call end when app in background(have no sound actually)

i try to use freestreamer to play music, a call coming when app in background, the music can stop, but if the call end(CTCallStateDisconnected), the music can not resume again, it can catch the status when the call end(AVAudioSessionInterruptionTypeEnded) in the FSAudioStream function which named } else if ([interruptionType intValue]...

Bitwise operations to produce power of two in Python

In just intonation theory, a type of music theory, intervals between notes are expressed with rational numbers. Doubling a frequency with a 2:1 ratio brings it up an octave and a 1:1 ratio is no change; a unison. So if I have an interval n that is larger than an...

What is the correct way to add the music editor abcjs to my website?

1) Since its behavior seems to be similar to the behavior of mathjax (see for instance, Mathjax analog for lilypond, I was expecting to include in the a link such as <script type="text/x-mathjax-config"> MathJax.Hub.Config({ tex2jax: { inlineMath: [["$","$"],["\\(","\\)"]] } }); </script> <script type="text/javascript" src="http://cdn.mathjax.org/mathjax/latest/MathJax.js?config=TeX-AMS_HTML-full"> </script> However, I was not able...

Android JAVA Background Music Checkbox

I Been trying to add Background music to my APP.. i have add music player and the music actually works.. but i do have 2 problems.. 1 problem is i have no idea how to make the BG Music check box stop and start the music when checked & unchecked.....

How to detect that music play in background

I want help in detecting if there is a music play in background on the phone or not because I play more than one music sequentially in my app but they are intersection thank you

Java - Transposing Music Notes by Scale Indices

I have been trying to create an algorithm for a long while now that is supposed to transpose musical notes up or down according to their given scale and transpose factor. Current Algorithm: public Note getNoteByScale(Scale scale, int transposeFactor) { int newPitch = scale.getScaleIndex(this.pitch) + transposeFactor; int newOctave = this.octave;...

fprintf(textFilepointer) print twice into file

#include "aservelibs/aservelib.h" #include <stdio.h> #include <math.h> FILE *textFilePointer; int main() { int counter = 0; int note; printf("Press key on Axiom MIDI keyboard to display note number\n"); textFilePointer = fopen("/Users/jonnymaguire/Documents/Uni Work/Audio Programming /iap/iapProj/Builds/MacOSX/build/Debug/textp15.txt", "w"); do { if(textFilePointer == NULL) { printf("!Error Opening File!"); } else { /*get frequency from user*/...

playing media in visual studio 2012 using c#

Basically i have developed a music player in java. And now i want my application in Visual studio 2012 to play the media file in java music player developed by me. how to do that please someone help.

Need help to find out what this concept is called so I can google it

So, many music videos has these awsome visual effects with bars jumping up and down. Showing off the frequency levels of the sound or such. One example is the music uploaded by Monstercat at YouTube. 1) What is that style of graphical representation called? 2) Does anyone know if its...

C++ Play Multiple Sounds at Once and Continue Where we Left off

In my program, currently I am able to play background music. My game is based off a shooting game, how can I make it where if I press a button, lets say the up arrow, it ail play a sound and right after it plays the sound, it continues where...

Music .RAW file content

I need to analyze music files in my program and at the first step, I want to be able to read .RAW files. But I don't know exactly what it includes. Can somebody give me an example of a simple .RAW file and its content? Edit: Jakets answer didn't actually...

Why is music21 using pitch attributes in an unexpected way?

Consider the following testing code. from music21 import pitch C0 = 16.35 for f in [261, 130, 653, 64, 865]: p = pitch.Pitch() p.frequency = f # Compare manual frequency with music21 frequency f1 = p.frequency f2 = C0 * pow(2, p.octave) * pow(2, p.pitchClass / 12) * pow(2, p.microtone.cents...

Finding note onsets in musicXML

I am trying to parse a list of which pitch classes are being played at each division in a musicXML file with java and jSoup. The output should look like this (one line per division): A C E A C A C D (for instance) I could fill up this...

Get current playing track info from all the available android devices

I m welling to get current playing track info from all the available android devices.Therefore i have tried out this code and it works fine in the emulator or with any nexus phone but as soon as i tried it out on an xperia phone it doens work and it...

Level out FFT graph (Processing)

I am trying to make a music visualizer in Processing, not that that part is super important, and I'm using a fast fourier transform through Minim. It's working perfectly (reading the data), but there is a large spike on the left (bass) end. What's the best way to 'level' this...

How make a Button on/off music android

i'am trying to develop an app in android with 2 buttons. the first button must pause and restart the music if you state is on or off. but this code doesn't works, why? public class MainActivity extends Activity { MediaPlayer sound; Boolean pulsado=false; @Override protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { super.onCreate(savedInstanceState);...

Analyze Sound file C++ [closed]

I am trying to write a node.js module that will let me take an mp3 and separate the rhythm and the melody. Are there any c++ libraries that will let me do this or does anyone have any ideas where to start? There's a node.js library that will analyze and...

Function in 8 step sequencer

typedef struct { float frequency; float amplitude; } OscData; typedef struct { int notenumber; int velocity; } NoteData; OscData noteToOsc (NoteData note); int main() { /*declare integer to store midi note value*/ int note; int velo; NoteData notedata[8]; int sequenceposition; float frequency, x, y; float amplitude; OscData oscdata[2]; /*get user...