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How to set-up Wordpress Multi-sites on Azure using sub-directories

A question on Wordpress Multisite running on Windows Azure using Sub-directories: does it work? how do you do it?. I've installed Wordpress(4.2.2) from the Azure Gallery, updated the wp.config.php and web.config files to enable and install Multisites, but the result is a half working solution: Multi-sites is installed, and I...

Wordpress - Change Multisite 'Site Added' Message

I am looking to change the updated message that is displayed when adding a new site in wordpress multisite. I know I can go in and update the wp-admin/network/site-new.php but I am wanted to add to my functions file for to avoid update errors.

How to uUse one codebase for all subdomain? [closed]

I am working on one application in which admin creates sub-domain or folder with help of coding. It will look like following. http://www.example.com/folder-name/ http://folder-name.example.com/ Its like multisite concept with same code base for different sub-domains. Now what i need is that with help of htaccess i need to use code...

Wordpress Multisite Conditionals?

So I have a wordpress Multisite with about 15 different sites. Just an example: country.com (main site) usa.country.com china.country.com france.country.com Now lets say in china.country I wanted an h1 tag that says "THIS IS CHINA" on the header BUT not on any other multisite not even the main one. Is...

Redirect sub domain to main domain without effecting sub folders with .htaccess

My situation is as follows: I've have a new website at my main domain. Example: mywebsite.com. My old portfolio is located at an old sub domain: portfolio.mywebsite.com. All portfolio items can be found in a sub directory at the portfolio site. So portfolio item 1 can be found at portfolio.mywebsite.com/item-1,...

sylius or sonata or custom for subscription based application

We are going to build something like cratejoy.com, but don't want spend lot's of time building which is already builded before for developers. I was going through sonata and sylius, but not sure if we can build subscription based model with one of them. If yes we can, then which...

WordPress Multisite - show “parent” pages and posts on “child” sites

I created multisite network with subdomains and added pages and posts on primary site. I want show this pages and posts on child sites. For example, primarysite.local/test-page/ and sub.primarysite.local/test-page/ show content from primarysite.local/test-page/. By default, sub.primarysite.local/test-page/ show Error 404 page, because this page is not exists. I tried to use...

How to load User Meta?

Wordpress author.php is not loading the correct information from user meta. It's loading whoever is currently logged in to the blog and not displaying the person who it links to for example: http://www.website.com/author/username1 http://www.website.com/author/username2 is displaying the same despite been two different users. I've done what is asked, however I'm...