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Incompatible pixel format YUV420P with mjpeg

I am using ffmpeg to make a video from jpeg images using mjpeg codec. I use this command ffmpeg -i frame%d.jpg -c:v mjpeg -pix_fmt yuv420p -q:v 1 -y out.mp4 and I have this warning the yuvj420p was chosen instead. After reading about that pixel format, I found its deprecated to...

Why there is no brown or grey in the CIE XY color space?

Why there is no brown or grey in the CIE XY color space?

Can GOP have more than 1 I-frame?

According to this GOP can have more than one I-frame. According to wikipedia: An I frame indicates the beginning of a GOP. If every I-frame starts new GOP it implies one I-frame per GOP. I believe that wikipedia is wrong. But I have also other questions. I found that: each...

Qt 5.5 Video shader issue on iOS

I'm working with Qt(especially 5.5) on iOS device not simulator I'm just add Video object to QML code for play HLS stream like below. Video { id: livePlayer anchors.fill: parent source: "http://content.jwplatform.com/manifests/vM7nH0Kl.m3u8" autoPlay: true } But Qt returns me bug with log like below Failed to find shader ":/qtmultimediaquicktools/shaders/rgbvideo.vert" Failed...

How to Play multiple audio files simultaneously

how to Play numbers Of audio files at same time With AVAudioPlayer? Is it Possible to Play numbers Of audio files can play at same time using AVAudioPlayer? or any other way to play numbers of audio files at same time ? Thank You!