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IE11 crashes in a Kendo / JavaScript based web application

I have a ASP.NET MVC application based on Kendo UI and jQuery which makes IE11 crash after few moments of use. It doesn't seem to be in specific places, that varies and it doesn't show a pattern much clearly. What I did find is it's related to Kendo UI, jQuery...

mshtml fireevent onchange not firing

I am unable to fire an "onchange" event in mshtml. Can you please tell me what I am doing wrong here. HTMLSelectElement element = (HTMLSelectElement)this.HTMLDocument.all.item(controlId, 0); IHTMLElement e = element as IHTMLElement; IHTMLDocument4 doc = e.document as IHTMLDocument4; object dummy = null; object eventObj = doc.CreateEventObject(ref dummy); HTMLSelectElementClass se =...

C# after Select option page not refreshed in axwebBrowser control

I'm trying to select an option in the web page with axwebBrowser control. I know how to select a value, here is my code: mshtml.IHTMLElement ddlid1b = doc.getElementById("id56"); ddlid1b.children[3].SetAttribute("selected", "selected"); After that I have Fired the Change Event like below var el3 = (ddlid1b as IHTMLElement3); el3.FireEvent("onchange"); But there is...