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How would I make a different MsgBox appear after the user saw the first one?

I was wondering how to make it so when a user clicks a button, then a MsgBox appears, for example, with the word "cat". Now, since the user saw the word cat, if he would click the button again, for the rest of the time the program is open, it...

msgBox is not showing up on successful result

I have the below set up to copy a list and paste to sheet(data). I want it to display a message when it is successful, telling me which row did it started the paste at. However, the errmsg shows instead. Thanks in advance Dim current As String current = ActiveCell.Index...

Compare two sets of Ranges and MsgBox amount and value of common cell values

I have a problem with this code and I'm not able to resolve it. I have two sets of ranges; Range("C14:C19") and Range("E14:E19") each containing 6 Numbers generated randomly (I already coded the random selection). My goal is to, after generating the Numbers, compare both Ranges. If both Ranges contain...