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How to create a date using strings in vba?

I want to run a for-loop from sometime to some specific time. Let's say from the first day of the year to the last day: I am given the year and I need to add the month and the day to it: I am trying to concatenate into a full...

Assign value to a text box on form based on multiple text boxex value with if condition - MS ACCESS

Let me explain,i have fields (text boxes) on a form as below textbox1 = can hold Yes or NO textbox2 = can hold Yes or NO textbox3 = can hold Yes or NO textbox4 = can hold Yes or NO textboxResult holds the Concatenated value of the labels (captions) of...

Access SQL return nth row for each given field

My problem Let's say I have a query that returns the following data: id date -- ------ 1 2015-01-12 1 ... // here I might have X more rows 1 2015-06-30 2 2015-01-12 2 ... // here I might have Y more rows 2 2015-05-20 ... Given that X, Y...

How to write a code to convert text into a number?

The database I'm working on has a field in one table as a text whereas the other table has the field in a number format. I cannot change the field format at all in the database. Therefore I need to know how to convert the field from text to number...

Passing vba variable date to sql statement

As a newbie in vba-sql, I am trying to populate a table using a for loop in vba and the Docmd.runsql to populate the table. The code works fine but then the values in the table are: 12/30/1899 for all the records. I used a message box to check and...

What is the default date format for access input?

I am not really experienced with ms-access db. I have the following sql-code that ask for input from the user: SELECT c.the_date, E.[iD #] AS ID, E.[first name] AS fname FROM [date-table] AS c, employeetbl AS E WHERE c.the_date between [enter a beginning date] and [Enter an end date]; What...

MS Access running a funtion from scheduled task not working

I am trying to run a macro daily from the windows task scheduler (w8.1 for tesing and server 2012 in production - both have the same problem) my .bat file: C:\Batch\attrib.exe -r C:\...\db.mdb rem ping -n 1 -w 10000 > nul "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office 2003\OFFICE11\MSACCESS.EXE" "C:\...\db.mdb" /x "Launch"...

Vba built in function for holidays during a year?

So basically i have two tables. A date table and a statHoliday table. The statholiday table has like all the holidays you can find in this country which is fine. I auto-populate myDate table to get every monday which is not a stat-holiday. I delete everything from myDate table before...


What is the function of "where" and "expression" in the groupby? why we are using that in the design query for getting sorted output? Expecting a clear explanation.

Recordset.Edit or Update sql vba statement fastest way to update?

I recently came across vba update statements and I have been using Recordset.Edit and Recordset.Update to not only edit my existing data but to update it. I want to know the difference between the two: recordset.update and Update sql Vba statement. I think they all do the same but I...

Select users associated to Approved list/table using Ms Acces 2003/2013 or Sql query

[Users] ID | UserID | City | Phone ----+-----------+-----------+---------- 1 | John | Rome | 12345 2 | Tom | Oslo | 12345 3 | Simon | Bogota | 12345 4 | Kurt | Tokyo | 12345 [Orders] ID | UserID | OrderNr | OrderName ------------------------------------------------ 1 | John |...

Running a macro a specific day at a specific time range in Ms Access

I have my VBA functions in a module. I call my function from a Macro. I have it in the autoexec macro. So everytime my database is opened, it runs the function. That works great so far. Now I am trying to make the function run only on Monday mornings...

Text inserted into Hyperlink field shows up but does not act as a link

I'm having difficulty getting my pyodbc inserted hyperlinks to work in my Access 2003 database. It appears to look like a hyperlink but does nothing when clicked on. For it to work, I have to edit it in Access and only then does it recognize that, "oh yeah that is...