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Recordset.Edit or Update sql vba statement fastest way to update?

I recently came across vba update statements and I have been using Recordset.Edit and Recordset.Update to not only edit my existing data but to update it. I want to know the difference between the two: recordset.update and Update sql Vba statement. I think they all do the same but I...

Assign value to a text box on form based on multiple text boxex value with if condition - MS ACCESS

Let me explain,i have fields (text boxes) on a form as below textbox1 = can hold Yes or NO textbox2 = can hold Yes or NO textbox3 = can hold Yes or NO textbox4 = can hold Yes or NO textboxResult holds the Concatenated value of the labels (captions) of...

Vba built in function for holidays during a year?

So basically i have two tables. A date table and a statHoliday table. The statholiday table has like all the holidays you can find in this country which is fine. I auto-populate myDate table to get every monday which is not a stat-holiday. I delete everything from myDate table before...

How to create a date using strings in vba?

I want to run a for-loop from sometime to some specific time. Let's say from the first day of the year to the last day: I am given the year and I need to add the month and the day to it: I am trying to concatenate into a full...


What is the function of "where" and "expression" in the groupby? why we are using that in the design query for getting sorted output? Expecting a clear explanation.

Text inserted into Hyperlink field shows up but does not act as a link

I'm having difficulty getting my pyodbc inserted hyperlinks to work in my Access 2003 database. It appears to look like a hyperlink but does nothing when clicked on. For it to work, I have to edit it in Access and only then does it recognize that, "oh yeah that is...

Access SQL return nth row for each given field

My problem Let's say I have a query that returns the following data: id date -- ------ 1 2015-01-12 1 ... // here I might have X more rows 1 2015-06-30 2 2015-01-12 2 ... // here I might have Y more rows 2 2015-05-20 ... Given that X, Y...

How to write a code to convert text into a number?

The database I'm working on has a field in one table as a text whereas the other table has the field in a number format. I cannot change the field format at all in the database. Therefore I need to know how to convert the field from text to number...

Select users associated to Approved list/table using Ms Acces 2003/2013 or Sql query

[Users] ID | UserID | City | Phone ----+-----------+-----------+---------- 1 | John | Rome | 12345 2 | Tom | Oslo | 12345 3 | Simon | Bogota | 12345 4 | Kurt | Tokyo | 12345 [Orders] ID | UserID | OrderNr | OrderName ------------------------------------------------ 1 | John |...

MS Access running a funtion from scheduled task not working

I am trying to run a macro daily from the windows task scheduler (w8.1 for tesing and server 2012 in production - both have the same problem) my .bat file: C:\Batch\attrib.exe -r C:\...\db.mdb rem ping -n 1 -w 10000 > nul "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office 2003\OFFICE11\MSACCESS.EXE" "C:\...\db.mdb" /x "Launch"...

What is the default date format for access input?

I am not really experienced with ms-access db. I have the following sql-code that ask for input from the user: SELECT c.the_date, E.[iD #] AS ID, E.[first name] AS fname FROM [date-table] AS c, employeetbl AS E WHERE c.the_date between [enter a beginning date] and [Enter an end date]; What...

Passing vba variable date to sql statement

As a newbie in vba-sql, I am trying to populate a table using a for loop in vba and the Docmd.runsql to populate the table. The code works fine but then the values in the table are: 12/30/1899 for all the records. I used a message box to check and...

Running a macro a specific day at a specific time range in Ms Access

I have my VBA functions in a module. I call my function from a Macro. I have it in the autoexec macro. So everytime my database is opened, it runs the function. That works great so far. Now I am trying to make the function run only on Monday mornings...