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Alertview when song is unavailable

I have a nice little query that when a user clicks a "play button," a title is called and if the song of that title exists in their iTunes, the song begins playing. I'm stuck now because I am not sure how to show an alertview when the song doesn't...

Get current position of MPMusicPlayer

I was wondering how to get the current position of an MPMusicPlayer. For example, if the music player is playing a song and it is currently at 0 minutes 23 seconds, how would I get that value as well as set it?

How to play song URL on MPMusicplayerController?

So I want to play song using it's url using MPMusicPlayer. I already able to populate music info from MPMediaCollection to UITableView. What I want to do is when I tap tableview row it play song that have the same title in the tableview row. Here is my code how...

How to clear queue of MPMusicPlayerController and add new queue when Song finished according to requirement

After every song is finished I'm clearing the queue and then adding a new queue. However, the notification (playing/paused/stopped/playing/paused/playing/paused/paused) is called multiple times. It eventually stops the audio within the app and starts playing from iTunes. Can anyone help me with this? -(void)clearqueueAndAddNewQueue { NSMutableArray *allTheSongs = [[NSMutableArray alloc] initWithCapacity:0];...

Play Audio from other apps

So when I launch my app, I want to be able to tell when music from another app is playing (system, soundcloud, pandora, spotify, etc). I am able to do so with this: BOOL isOtherAudioPlaying = [[AVAudioSession sharedInstance] isOtherAudioPlaying]; if (isOtherAudioPlaying){ NSLog(@"Playing Music"); }else{ NSLog(@"Not Playing Music"); } And I...

Does Media Player Framework need audio sessions to be managed?

I'd like to include a simple media player in my iOS 7+ app, and I've found some posts dealing with Media Player Framework and the MPMusicPlayerController, and I think that can meet my needs. However, I couldn't find the related documentation in Apple's docs, and instead I found that there...

ios - How to play MPMediaItemCollection?

So, I already stored few mpmediaitemcollection in NSUserDefaults. I already retrieve it on UICollectionView. here is my code: func collectionView(collectionView: UICollectionView, didSelectItemAtIndexPath indexPath: NSIndexPath) { self.performSegueWithIdentifier("toList", sender: self) User.mdci = decodedPlaylistData[indexPath.row] as? MPMediaItemCollection getSongListInfo((decodedPlaylistData[indexPath.row] as? MPMediaItemCollection)!) MPMusicPlayerController().setQueueWithItemCollection((decodedPlaylistData[indexPath.row] as?...

Play music through ear speaker from user library

I'm making an app that allows the user to choose a music from his/her library and play it through the ear speaker. I got everything working, but this. I don't know how to play this audio through the ear speaker. The code I'm using to lay the audio is: let...