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I am trying to connect arduino to my laptop (Ubuntu) as a MQTT-SN client. Arduino is connected to Ubuntu over serial port. I need help in connecting MQTT-SN to mosquitto broker. Is there any opensource tool that can act as a bridge between Serial and mosquitto broker?

Is there a way to add users programmatically?

I see that mosquito_passwd could be used to create new users or remove users, but is there a way to manage users programmatically? That is, without calling an external shell command.

MQTT for Android chat applications / Limiting topic access

I'm trying to create a chat application for android using MQTT, but there is limited information on how to do that. So far I've set up the MQTT broker but any user can listen and publish to any topics they would like (surely that's not what one wants in chat...

Notification whenever a new topic is created on mosquitto

I am trying to implement Push notifications on Android, using Mosquitto broker. So, different android application create topics based on tehir id on which they will receive notifications. To send notifications to those android applications we need the name of the topic. I am wondering if there is a way...

Using Node.js MQTT with Mosquitto PSK Encryption

I'm working on developing a solution using MQTT to send/receive data to embedded systems. For a broker I'm using Mosquitto. For the client I'm using Node.js MQTT. I need to encrypt the data and I'd like to use the pre-shared key option in mosquitto to accomplish this however, I can't...

RSMB does not acknowledge publish message with MQTT-SN

I am running Really Small Message Broker (RSMB) with support for MQTT-SN. I have a Arduino client talking to it via MQTT-SN protocol. Arduino is a sleeping client - battery operated device. Here is how it works: after startup, connects to broker for each sensor value it registers topic...

mosquitto (on windows) command not found

I'm a newbie to MQTT and mosquitto. I recently installed mosquitto on my Windows OS using the Windows binary installation file on the website (http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/download.php?file=/mosquitto/binary/win32/mosquitto-1.4.2-install-win32.exe). However, when I try to run the mosquitto commands, it displays an error saying that the command is not found. Upon Googling this, I found...

Installing MQTT client for windows 8.1

I've been using MQTT server/client on Ubuntu for some time without any problems. However I tried to install a client / server on Windows 8.1 platform. I downloaded the broker and it installed without any errors. However I can't find the client for use as standalone, to enable me to...

In mosquitto can I allow publishing only for some IPs but subscribe anywhere?

In mosquitto can I allow only some IPs to publish, but allow to subscribe from anywhere ? I want to make mosquitto only allow publishing from some IPs for security reasons....

Error compiling Mosquitto 1.4

I have tried to compile Mosquitto on both Arch and CentOS 7, but everytime I get the same error. I want to test the Websocket feature. This is the procedure I am using for CentOS: yum group install "Development Tools" yum install cmake openssl-devel cmake yum install uuid-devel libxslt docbook5-style-xsl.noarch...

Configure mosquitto broker on windows to available in the network

I am currently starting to use MQTT (and mosquitto as a broker) for a home automation project. I installed mosquitto using the .exe from the homepage on my windows server and I can run it as a service or by directly starting the .exe. Using the _sub and _pub programs...

Spring MVC + Mosquitto + MQTT Integration can't get any message

With Spring's integration libraries, I am trying to connect to mosquitto and read/send messages... But there are some things I couldn't figure out. 1 - When initilazing app, app connects to mosquitto, but mosquitto receives hundreds of connection requests again from same app with same id in seconds. This is...

mosquitto 1.4 - once running with ACL enabled, gets “Socket error on client , disconnecting”

following instructions from Jeremy Gooch, see http://goochgooch.co.uk/2014/08/01/building-mosquitto-1-4/, i installed mosquitto over websockets on RPi. i can sub/pub messages to test site http://test.mosquitto.org/ws.html from that point, i enabled user and topic access control in mosquitto.conf for more tests, but the strange point is that when i start mosquitto again, i see...

How to use MQTT over the internet?

Currently, I'm successfully running a mosquitto broker, subscribing to topics and publishing messages with clients in a local network. How can I communicate with another local network which is located at a different IP address? Should I set up 2 mosquitto brokers, one for each local network? ...

Mosquitto 1.4.2 Websocket support

I'm trying to utilize Mosquittos recent update to support websockets in the broker. I'm running Mosquitto v1.4.2 and I've added the following lines to the mosquitto configuration file (mosquitto.conf): listener 10001 protocol websockets listener 1883 protocol mqtt When I try and start the broker with the new configuration I...

Why can't I use python-mosquitto on the Raspberry Pi?

I'm using a Raspberry Pi with a Debian Wheezy image. I have installed Mosquitto (the broker of MQTT protocol), mosquitto client and python mosquitto to use mosquitto in my Python script, I have run a very simple example to test if all my packages work fine or not import mosquitto...