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Incompatible pixel format YUV420P with mjpeg

I am using ffmpeg to make a video from jpeg images using mjpeg codec. I use this command ffmpeg -i frame%d.jpg -c:v mjpeg -pix_fmt yuv420p -q:v 1 -y out.mp4 and I have this warning the yuvj420p was chosen instead. After reading about that pixel format, I found its deprecated to...

Safari open and close img MIME type multipart / x-mixed-replace streaming on demand

testing a mobile Safari web application, I find that I have an image in your tag img src changes dynamically. This src reference to a url that generates a streaming mjpeg with MIME type multipart / x-mixed-replace. Changing the src notice that the browser does not close the connection to...

Is it possible to have two images in a single frame in motion jpeg?

I have a quick time video file, video stream is in motion jpeg format, I extract every frame in the file with ffmpeg -i a.mov -vcodec copy -f image2 %d.jpg I found that in every jpeg file, there are actually two FFD8 marker, which means there are actually two images...

V4l2 MJPEG Chroma Subsumpling

My cam gives me jpeg with chroma sub-sampling 4:2:2, but I need 4:2:0. Can I change MJPEG default chroma sub-sampling with v4l2? ...

packing MJPEG into MPEG-TS

I have algo that packing RAW h264 into MPEG-TS. But I need also to pack MJPEG. Whats PES stream_type id I need? For h264 it is 0x1b. Or it is impossible to pack MJPEG and streaming it via UDP? Thanks.