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R slight difference since ‘sqldf’ version 0.4-10, treating of period separated variable names

There is a slight difference in the way sqldf treats variable names between R 3.1.1+ (‘sqldf’ version 0.4-10+) and 3.0.2 (‘sqldf’ version 0.4-6.4). If you run the code below, the variable separated by a period will be altered to be separated by an underscore in the older version and will...

migrating any windows program to another pc (without installer GUI) [closed]

I am looking for a way to remotely install a program to other computer units running Windows on the fly ,without the need of running the installer steps on each computer (next,next,finish...) all over again , .exe installers don't usually have an easy way to do this without using the...

Migrating Codeplex SVN to Git with git svn clone

In the past (2013), I was able to migrate a repository from Codeplex (under SVNBridge) to a Git repository. I'm trying to do this again, with the same repository, and the 'git svn clone' method is not working. Basically, it creates the .git folder and it's all. No code is...