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Is a LXC environment a mandatory requirement for operating mesos/sphere

I plan to make a proposal for a proof of concept(POC) project employing mesos/sphere targeting the OS IBM AIX. At least for the mesos/sphere slaves. Short remark: with the term mesos/sphere i subsume both projects, mesos and mesossphere, to be the "framework" projects of that POC. I have read about...

How to see the history log Message of Mesos when Master or Slave restart

I'm developing a Web App, I need to get the logs of mesos , Normally, I can get that with Url: http://host:5051/files/read.json? but when the Master or Slave restart , I could not get the logs.. Please tell me how could I get that ?...

Mesos real world use-cases

I'm trying to figure out what would be the reasons for using Mesos. Can you come up with other ones? 1) Running all of your services in the same cluster instead of dedicated clusters (your end-applications + DevOps such as Jenkins) 2) Running different maturity applications in same cluster (dev,...

docker mesosphere marathon - unable to see running process inside a docker container

I am a newbie in mesos and marathon space. I have mesos slaves running my docker containers. I am using marathon to instantiate a mesos task. Here is my simple json file: { "container": { "type": "DOCKER", "docker": { "image": "tomcat:8.0" } }, "id": "tomcat", "instances": 1, "cpus": 0.5, "mem":...

Docker container running Mesos cluster and running other docker containers on cluster (using Marathon)

I'm just starting off with Mesos, Docker and Marathon but I can't find anywhere where this specific question is answered. I want to set up a Mesos cluster running on Docker - there are a couple of internet resources to do this, but then I want to run Docker containers...

Persistent storage for Apache Mesos

Recently I've discovered such a thing as a Apache Mesos. It all looks amazingly in all that demos and examples. I could easily imagine how one would run for stateless jobs - that fits to the whole idea naturally. Bot how to deal with long running jobs that are stateful?...

Is Docker native on Mesos OS X?

I notice that you can install Mesos natively on OS X. Last time I looked into it Docker was not native on OS X, so how does Mesos run a Docker containers in OS X? Is a VM involved? Something like boot2docker?...

does Mesos provide its service like cluster management UI as OSS project?

I loved DCOS demos on Azure. No I wonder - having a private OpenStack based clud how to install Mesos with that UI manually? Is it possible or it is a part of DCOS they do not provide as OpenSource product?

Does Apache Aurora have API?

I.e. can I submit jobs other way than by command-line client? P.S. SMB please create the tag for aurora: http://aurora.apache.org/...

Creating a new app Marathon App from web browser

After setting up all the Mesos Master, Slave, ZooKeeper, Marathon. I have click the Green Button "Create App" Once it is running on Mesos-Master and the completed task state Fnished. Where can I get the json file? From which folder ??

Apache Mesos's Docker Containerizer

I setup both of my mesos-master and mesos-slave on a standalone server. E.g. To start my mesos-slave, I used this command: sudo bin/mesos-slave.sh --master=zk://<IP address of server>:2181/mesos --log_dir=/var/log/mesos --containerizers=docker,mesos What I am trying to figure out is how the containerizer on Mesos is implemented with just --containerizers=docker,mesos. Will it be...

How to stop mesos from offering resources to a framework?

I have a use case where I have 20-30 frameworks runnings on mesos cluster that has over 200 nodes. A lot of the times mesos is offering resources to frameworks that do not want any offers at all. While doing that, it is offering little resources to frameworks that actually...

How to see the installed version of Apache Mesos?

How does one determine the installed version of Apache Mesos? mesos help on the cli doesn't say... mesos help Usage: mesos <command> [OPTIONS] Available commands: help log execute ps resolve cat local init-wrapper tail scp stop-cluster.sh start-masters.sh stop-slaves.sh slave start-cluster.sh stop-masters.sh daemon.sh master start-slaves.sh And no man. man mesos No...

how know container name with marathon rest API

I'm using Apache Mesos + Marathon + Zookeeper to deploy my rails app. I need share data between rails app and other container. I found some reference here to do it with marathon as follow: marathon/docs/native-docker.html { "id": "privileged-job", "container": { "docker": { "image": "mesosphere/inky" "privileged": true, "parameters": [ {...

Deploying Docker containers with port-mapping on Mesos/Marathon

I am currently working on a team project utilizing Docker with Apache Mesos/Marathon. To deploy MySQL docker containers on Mesos/Marathon, we have to create a JSON file with port mapping. I have searched everywhere on the internet and just can't find any sample JSON file to look on for port...

Docker on Mesos: Volume is placed on which node?

I will be setting up a Mesos cluster to run single-use docker jobs, e.g. long rapidminer computations. Of course I want to get the result of the computation, so I think I should use Docker volumes for that. Now, when I send a docker job to a cluster, specifying the...

How to use the org.apache.mesos.Log?

I want to get the mesos logs by org.apache.mesos.Log , but the API is too little about it. I don't know How to use the "Writer" and the "Reader". When I create a new Log, there are some files created, but I don't even know what does it mean. Is...

Linking containers with Mesos JSON file

I am trying to link my application container to my DB container when sending the JSON task description to the Marathon framework. I've read up on this question from last year: Linked Docker Containers with Mesos/Marathon The question is: I know Fig will be able to help me with this...

Mesos: mesos-slave offer additional ports

I've got some mesos-slave nodes that I would like to expose to the internet. As such, I would like mesos-slave to offer port 80 and 443 in addition to its default slew of ports/resources. From what I have gathered, I need to adjust the --resources parameter and include both 80...

Which cluster type should I choose for Spark?

I am new to Apache Spark, and I just learned that Spars supports 3 types of cluster: Standalone - meaning Spark will manage its own cluster YARN - using Hadoop's YARN resource manager Mesos - Apache's dedicated resource manager project Since I am new to Spark, I think I should...

Why marathon does not terminate jobs after the quorum is lost?

I'm working with Apache mesos and marathon. I have 3 master nodes and 3 slave nodes. I configure mesos with quorum 2. Later I post a JSON to run one job with marathon and all look fine. Then I try a shutdown of two master nodes to break the quorum,...

Fig / Docker-Compose-like JSON to feed into Mesosphere/Marathon to setup Multi-Tier Application

Does anyone know if it is possible to setup a JSON file to feed into Mesosphere/Marathon to deploy multi-tier application with application dependency? Something along the lines of fig or docker compose when there is one yaml file describing applications to deploy and their dependency and etc ? Thanks!! Alex...

How to port existing distributed service application to DCOS?

so there is a set of applications that position itself as a distributed cluster O/S called DCOS. It has an MPI and spark running on top of it. I am a developer and I have a set of distributed services running connected via socket or ZeroMQ communication system. How can...

Spark executors with different amounts of memory on Mesos

Is it possible to have executors with different amounts of memory on a Mesos cluster? Or am I bounded by the machine with the least memory? (Assuming I want to use all available cpus).

Strategy to persist the node's data for dynamic Elasticsearch clusters

I'm sorry that this is probably a kind of broad question, but I didn't find a solution form this problem yet. I try to run an Elasticsearch cluster on Mesos through Marathon with Docker containers. Therefore, I built a Docker image that can start on Marathon and dynamically scale via...