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Merging Two Parse Tables in a Query

Hello I have two parse classes, one is "users" and one is where users enter some comments like "tweets". In "users" class every object has two columns a username and a photo. In tweets table every object has the info of username and comment. I need to make a query...

Resampling and merging data frame with python

Hi I have created a dictionary of dataFrame with this code import os import pandas import glob path="G:\my_dir\*" dataList={} for files in glob.glob(path): dataList[files]=(read_csv(files,sep=";",index_col='Date')) The different dataframe present in the dictory have different time sample. An example of dataFrame(A) is Date Volume Value 2014-01-04 06:00:02 6062 108000.0 2014-01-04 06:06:05 6062...