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Why marathon does not terminate jobs after the quorum is lost?

I'm working with Apache mesos and marathon. I have 3 master nodes and 3 slave nodes. I configure mesos with quorum 2. Later I post a JSON to run one job with marathon and all look fine. Then I try a shutdown of two master nodes to break the quorum,...

Strategy to persist the node's data for dynamic Elasticsearch clusters

I'm sorry that this is probably a kind of broad question, but I didn't find a solution form this problem yet. I try to run an Elasticsearch cluster on Mesos through Marathon with Docker containers. Therefore, I built a Docker image that can start on Marathon and dynamically scale via...

Docker container running Mesos cluster and running other docker containers on cluster (using Marathon)

I'm just starting off with Mesos, Docker and Marathon but I can't find anywhere where this specific question is answered. I want to set up a Mesos cluster running on Docker - there are a couple of internet resources to do this, but then I want to run Docker containers...

how know container name with marathon rest API

I'm using Apache Mesos + Marathon + Zookeeper to deploy my rails app. I need share data between rails app and other container. I found some reference here to do it with marathon as follow: marathon/docs/native-docker.html { "id": "privileged-job", "container": { "docker": { "image": "mesosphere/inky" "privileged": true, "parameters": [ {...

docker mesosphere marathon - unable to see running process inside a docker container

I am a newbie in mesos and marathon space. I have mesos slaves running my docker containers. I am using marathon to instantiate a mesos task. Here is my simple json file: { "container": { "type": "DOCKER", "docker": { "image": "tomcat:8.0" } }, "id": "tomcat", "instances": 1, "cpus": 0.5, "mem":...

Mesos: mesos-slave offer additional ports

I've got some mesos-slave nodes that I would like to expose to the internet. As such, I would like mesos-slave to offer port 80 and 443 in addition to its default slew of ports/resources. From what I have gathered, I need to adjust the --resources parameter and include both 80...

Linking containers with Mesos JSON file

I am trying to link my application container to my DB container when sending the JSON task description to the Marathon framework. I've read up on this question from last year: Linked Docker Containers with Mesos/Marathon The question is: I know Fig will be able to help me with this...

Docker on Mesos: Volume is placed on which node?

I will be setting up a Mesos cluster to run single-use docker jobs, e.g. long rapidminer computations. Of course I want to get the result of the computation, so I think I should use Docker volumes for that. Now, when I send a docker job to a cluster, specifying the...

Fig / Docker-Compose-like JSON to feed into Mesosphere/Marathon to setup Multi-Tier Application

Does anyone know if it is possible to setup a JSON file to feed into Mesosphere/Marathon to deploy multi-tier application with application dependency? Something along the lines of fig or docker compose when there is one yaml file describing applications to deploy and their dependency and etc ? Thanks!! Alex...

Creating a new app Marathon App from web browser

After setting up all the Mesos Master, Slave, ZooKeeper, Marathon. I have click the Green Button "Create App" Once it is running on Mesos-Master and the completed task state Fnished. Where can I get the json file? From which folder ??