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How to get features record for plan estimate change using lookback API

I am using rally lookback api with java. I am trying to fetch historical data features, sample code that i am using is as shown below. LookbackApi lookbackApi = new LookbackApi(); lookbackApi.setCredentials("username", "password"); lookbackApi.setWorkspace(47903209423); lookbackApi.setServer("https://rally1.rallydev.com"); //lookbackApi.setWorkspace("90432948"); LookbackQuery query = lookbackApi.newSnapshotQuery(); query.addFindClause("_TypeHierarchy", "PortfolioItem/Feature"); query.setPagesize(200) // set pagesize to 200 instead of...

rally synchronize lookback and alm

Is there any way to manually trigger a sync between lookback and alm. I just was running some lookback queries and the ETLDate was 3.8 hours out of sync. That seems like a pretty long time. If it is notyou could throttle the requests to a maximum of 1 per...