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How can I use Equinox Weaving with bndtools

How can I use equinox Weaving with bndtools because the equinox Weaving example is old and can't get it to work? update: when trying to run the weaving sample for Hello world I have two bundles: public class HelloService implements BundleActivator { public void start(final BundleContext context) throws Exception {...

Cannot find parent aspect for concrete aspect

I have trying to test load time weaving in simple hello world normal Servlet based example in wildfly8.2 I have below Aspect code package com.test.aspects; import org.aspectj.lang.annotation.Around; import org.aspectj.lang.annotation.Aspect; import org.aspectj.lang.annotation.Pointcut; import com.test.helloworld.HelloService; @Aspect public abstract class FieldAspect { @Pointcut public abstract void getField(); @Pointcut public abstract void setField(); @Around("getField()")...

Spring - @Configurable classes in external JAR

I want to use spring dependency injection for my domain classes, that are possibly not created within spring context. That's why I have annotated these classes with @Configurable annotation and I try to setup load time weaving. My spring configuration is : @SpringBootApplication @EnableSpringConfigured @EnableAspectJAutoProxy @EnableCaching(mode = AdviceMode.ASPECTJ) @EnableLoadTimeWeaving public...