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error loading svm learning configuration file in gate tool

I am new to machine learning. When I tried learning through gate, it is showing some error. The learning configuration file is given below. <?xml version="1.0"?> <ML-CONFIG> <SURROUND value="false"/> <FILTERING ratio='0.2' dis='far'/> <EVALUATION method="holdout" runs="2" ratio="0.66"/> <multiClassiļ¬cation2Binary method="one-vs-anothers" thread-pool-size="2"/> <PARAMETER name="thresholdProbabilityBoundary" value="1.0"/> <PARAMETER name="thresholdProbabilityEntity" value="1.0"/>...

What is the default setting for SVM in weka?

I would like to know what is the default setting for SVM of weka library?. As I know Weka wraps LIVSVM and the default parameter for LIBSVM is the rbf kernel, does this holds true for weka?.

spdiags and features scaling

According to libsvm faqs, the following one-line code scale each feature to the range of [0,1] in Matlab (data - repmat(min(data,[],1),size(data,1),1))*spdiags(1./(max(data,[],1)-min(data,[],1))',0,size(data,2),size(data,2)) so I'm using this code: v_feature_trainN=(v_feature_train - repmat(mini,size(v_feature_train,1),1))*spdiags(1./(maxi-mini)',0,size(v_feature_train,2),size(v_feature_train,2)); v_feature_testN=(v_feature_test -...

Calculating decision function of SVM manually

I'm attempting to calculate the decision_function of a SVC classifier MANUALLY (as opposed to using the inbuilt method) using the the python library SKLearn. I've tried several methods, however, I can only ever get the manual calculation to match when I don't scale my data. z is a test datum...

Polynominal error in Rapidminer when doing n-gram classification

I am trying to classify different concepts in a text using n-gram. My data tyically exists of six columns: The word that needs classification The classification First word on the left of 1) Second word on the left of 1) First word on the right of 1) Second word on...

Multi-class classification for large database (matlab)

Can you suggest any implementation (matlab) of Multi-class classification algorithm for large database, I tried libsvm it's good except for large database and for the liblinear I can't use it for the multi classification

Multi-class image classification with probability estimation

my goal is to do multi-class image classification with probability estimation. So far the 'one-label'-classification is working nicely out-of-the-box with all the great functionalities the OpenCV C++ libraries provide. Currently I am using a BoW descriptor with local Sift descriptors and SVM classification. So far so good. But now I...

Libsvm classes not in CLASSPATH

I am trying to use Weka libsvm implementation. I have installed weka - 3.6 version and I add in weka folder libsvm.jar file. I put the whole path of the .jar file in my CLASSPATH in environment variables. However when I tried to use libsvm function from the WEKA Api...

I want to develop human emotion recognition application by analyzing voice features,how do I start this?I don't have idea.

I want to develop human emotion recognition application by analyzing voice features,how do I start this?I don't have idea. http://www.personal.rdg.ac.uk/~llsroach/phon2/freespeech.htm http://web.stanford.edu/dept/linguistics/corpora/material/PRAAT_workshop_manual_v421.pdf...

gnuplot: plotting points with color based iris data

I have this iris data ... 5.1 3.5 1.4 0.2 Iris-setosa 4.9 3 1.4 0.2 Iris-setosa 7 3.2 4.7 1.4 Iris-versicolor 6.4 3.2 4.5 1.5 Iris-versicolor 7.1 3 5.9 2.1 Iris-virginica 6.3 2.9 5.6 1.8 Iris-virginica . . . and I got graph using gnuplot (plot 'c:\iris.data') but I want...

Wrapper for the matlab to read sparse data file

Libsvm can read the following datafile and convert it into sparse data structure in matlab (using libsvmread). -1 3:1 11:1 14:1 19:1 39:1 42:1 55:1 64:1 67:1 73:1 75:1 76:1 80:1 83:1 -1 3:1 6:1 17:1 27:1 35:1 40:1 57:1 63:1 69:1 73:1 74:1 76:1 81:1 103:1 First column is...

How to perform model selection with LibSVM using Java Library?

In search of an algorithm for tweets classification problem, i crossed with SVM. Starting with LibSVM i implemented a system using its java library(not command line) which is resulting around 50%-60% with linear function. Now i wish to perform Model selection, scaling, cross-validation and feature selection in a hope to...

Multi-Class Classification in WEKA

I am trying to implement Multiclass classification in WEKA. I have lot of rows, say bank transactions, and one is tagged as Food,Medicine,Rent,etc. I want to develop a classifier which can be trained with the previous data I have and predict the class it can belong to for future transactions....

How can i calculate sensitivity(True positive rate) and specificity(True negative rate) using libsvm as a binary classifier in matlab?

I am working on face verification problem.I am using LibSVM as a classifier. I want to calculate true positive rate and true negative rate. By using these two performance measures, I want to calculate Equal error rate and also want to draw ROC curve. I read about perfcurve command in...

Python : libsvm import svmutil error

Used libsvm on python and want to import svmutil, but i get some error!! I try two ways from those code First, If I used python GUI shell to enter the command line by line, it will not cause an error, >>> import os >>> os.chdir('D:\libsvm-3.20\python') >>> import svmutil >>>...

Why am I getting an empty matrix from svmpredict?

I want to make predictions from a simple time series. The observations y=[11,22,33,44,55,66,77,88,99,110] and at time x=[1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10]. I am using epsilon-SVR from libsvm toolbox. My code is as follows: x1 = (1:7)'; #' training set y1 = [11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77]'; #' observations from time series options...

R e1071 cross-validation accuracy is not the same

I was trying to reproduce an example shown in the libsvm "A Practical Guide to Support Vector Classification" on Page 10. The data "train.2" that I was using can be downloaded here "http://www.csie.ntu.edu.tw/~cjlin/papers/guide/data/". In order to parse the data and test the classification accuracy, I wrote the following code: library(e1071)...

Interpretation of Java-ML results for multi-class classification

My understanding of classification accuracy always was "#correctly classified instances divided by #instances". Using Java-ML and applying LibSVM to a multi-label problem I get accuracies (and other measurements) for every CLASS. I can't figure out how they are related and what the overall accuracy is. For example for my 3-class...

Matlab mat to libsvm format (strange fprint behaviour)

I'm trying to write my own implementation of mat2libsvm format converter(I don't want to use original function because it want double mat for input, but I working with images and have uint8 matrices). So here is example that I don't understand: a= zeros(2,256); a(1,256)=1; formatSpec = '%i:%d '; row= a(1,:);id=find(row);fprintf(formatSpec,[id...

How to port the matlab libSVM parameters in C++

in my cross-validation in matlab with libSVM i found that this are the betters parameters to use: model = svmtrain( labels, training, '-s 0 -t 2 -c 10000 -g 100'); Now i want to replicate the classification in C++ with OpenCV. But i'm not understanding how to set the C++...

Direct forecast using epsilion-SVR

Is it possible to predict directly into the future using epsilion-svr? My dataset is a univariate time series and has per line a record in this format: Y(t-W), Y(t-W+1), ..., Y(t), Y(t+PH) W is the number of time steps to consider PH controls how many steps into the future I...