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Value from binding in LFE interpreter using Erlang

I'd like to use Lisp Flavored Erlang as a scripting extension language for an Erlang application. If you want, in a similar way GNU Emacs is configured and extended via Emacs Lisp. I know that the argument is wide and structured; but in the specific case of this question I'd...

Clustered standard errors different in plm vs lfe

When I run a cluster standard error panel specification with plm and lfe I get results that differ at the second significant figure. Does anyone know why they differ in their calculation of the SE's? set.seed(572015) library(lfe) library(plm) library(lmtest) # clustering example x <- c(sapply(sample(1:20), rep, times = 1000)) +...

Setting seq_trace on another process

I understand that I can set a seq_trace in erlang to the current process that is executing. But how can I set it on another process from the shell, or remote shell like dbg tracing?