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Storage of Json data to mysql database using php

I am doing a leapmotion webapp on PHP and javascript.it is based on gesture recognition. The values of the leapmotion must be stored into the database and when the corresponding gesture is matched the description of the gesture must be displayed. The values from the leapmotion is converted to JSON...

TypeError: this.mesh.geometry.area is not a function

I've working lately with JavaScript and Three.js with Leapmotion, and I started using the leap widgets (http://blog.leapmotion.com/leapjs-widgets-new-library-3d-web-design/here!) library to add some cool buttons to my program. After many hours, I got this type error from one of the libraries. Is it something mine? I just can't figure it out... TypeError:...

Why is Unity (4.6.2f1) crashing when using Leap Motion components

I am working on a Unity project using the Leap Motion. I have upgraded Unity to the last version (4.6.2f1) and now it instantly crashes when I use the Leap Motion plugin ( Leap Motion V2 Skeletal Tracking ). For instance, if I create an empty project and add just...

WPF retrieve leap info from different class

The quick version of my problem is that WPF does not accept variables from a different thread. error message: An unhandled exception of type 'System.InvalidOperationException' occurred in WindowsBase.dll Additional information: The calling thread cannot access this object because a different thread owns it. Because I subscribe to the leap frame...

Recieving Leap frames simulatenously in javascript and java

I'm using java with Robot to move mouse on the machine, & I wanted to receive gestures in javascript. Individually, both trackings are working fine, but as soon as I focus on my LeapSDK's javascript example page, Java tracking goes away & mouse movement stops. One dirty solution would be...

Better aproach for touching gestures on leap motion

I'm trying to develop a menu where I can hover over the icons using my hand and then click on them using a pushing forward movement. To achieve that, I'm using the velocity my hand on the z-axis, plus the touch zone and the touch distance as you can see...

finger position using leap motion

i want to use Leap Motion to get my Index finger Tip position in the space ( 3D position X,Y,Z ) , how can i do that in leap motion ? this is what i do only to detect index finger, but there an error : def on_frame(self, controller): #...

Leap doesn't seem to update when wpf window isn't active

I am trying to use output from the leap in WPF. However whenever I unfocus the window (for instance by pressing alt+tab), the leap stops giving output. So my question is, how to make sure the leap will output even when focused on a second application?

Finger.IsExtended Leap Motion C#

I want to detect the finger bending using a windows forms application in c#. I have difficulty to add (I read it from this): HandList hands = frame.Hands; FingerList fingers = hands.Fingers; int extendedFingers = 0; for (int f = 0; f < hands.Fingers.Count; f++) { Finger digit = hands.Fingers[f];...

fingers for KeyTapGesture in leap motion

I want to make an application for typing character which corresponding with specific finger. I have tried with finger.isExtended to sense which finger is "stroke" or bend, but the movement of the fingers should be maximum to be detected using this function. I would try another function using KeyTapGesture, but...