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Save to 3 firebase locations with a slow internet connection

Sometimes I'm having issues with firebase when the user is on a slow mobile connection. When the user saves an entry to firebase I actually have to write to 3 different locations. Sometimes, the first one works, but if the connection is slow the 2nd and 3rd may fail. This...

Relative latency of playing, pausing/stopping, and setting volume of audio in Android

My question is about the relative latency of playing, pausing/stopping, and setting volume of audio in Android. Specifically: whether it's the same or lower latency to pause/stop an audio clip than to play it, and likewise whether it's the same or lower latency to set the volume of a clip...

Multiplying just one column from each of the 2 input DataFrames together

I have two DataFrames that are each of the exact sane dimensions and I would like to multiply just one specific column from each of them together: My first DataFrame is: In [834]: patched_benchmark_df_sim Out[834]: build_number name cycles 0 390 adpcm 21598 1 390 aes 5441 2 390 blowfish NaN...

Cassandra read latencies

What is the difference between these read latency metrics? org.apache.cassandra.metrics.ClientRequest.Read.Latency org.apache.cassandra.metrics.ColumnFamily.system.batchlog.ReadLatency org.apache.cassandra.metrics.ColumnFamily.system.batchlog.CoordinatorReadLatency org.apache.cassandra.metrics.ColumnFamily.system.batchlog.CoordinatorScanLatency ...

Measure latency of the response

How to measure latency of any async ajax call!! Is there any specific library or api which can be used to extract all these information from the browser I have been looking for a solution which can run on IE6

Minimal blocking cache store

Suppose we have different methods which do some http calls, each of those are called with some specific argument... and we want to compare last value of method + argument and see if response was different and only then proceed... method1(Arg arg) method2(Arg arg) when we make a particular call...

Speed up global access to server (Apache, MySQL and Fileserver)

Today i have a NAS server acting webserver, MySQL and fileserver in Europe, but now i also need it to be accessable from US. My problem is that it is very slow do to the latency. What can i do to make this better - can i somehow sync two...

3 seconds latency while streaming with Wowza Server

I'm trying to develop a live streaming application with RTSP protocol. On the PC with the Wowza Server, I execute the following command : Code: ffmpeg -f dshow -i video="Name_Of_My_Cam":audio="Name_Of_My_Microphone" -vcodec h263p -f rtsp -muxdelay 0.1 rtsp://<Wowza_server_ip_adress>:1935/live/test And I'm trying to play this stream on a VideoView on my Samsung...

In Sails express node js how to display an ad while the requested page loads

Some data processing takes a few seconds once the server has received the client's request... How can we display an advertisement while the client waits for the payload ? Same question with and without AJAX We may not use a library or framework on top of Sails, unless necessary...

Simulating latency in a HTTP POST call on Linux

Use Case I am working on an enterprise level payment application (written in JAVA). I am looking to simulate latency on a HTTP POST call that is made to a bank. This will allow me to simulate different latency/unavailability scenarios that may occur. The Code The following piece of code...

Load js files from the web or serve them yourself?

I have had this question for awhile and am surprised that I have yet to come across a good/complete answer to it. The question is essentially this: When it comes to loading js files, in what situations should you load them from the web if available versus serving them up...