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EMACS-Live + Slime error at startup

Ok, I must be missing something obvious. I'm getting stuck since yesterday to launch Emacs-live + slime. I'm using EMACS 24.3.1, installed Emacs-live and it worked well (if I start emacs-live without Slime it works), downloaded Slime-Pack from git and added this line to .emacs-live.el (live-append-packs '(~/.live-packs/slime-pack/)) I'm on a...

No rule to make traget Install (Kubuntu Konsole)

I am trying to install the following database: aleda-latest.zip In the Konsole I type the following command: $ make install output: bzcat ne_vars.fr.dat.bz2 > ne_vars.fr.dat bzcat ne_refs.fr.dat.bz2 > ne_refs.fr.dat make: *** No rule to make target« /usr/local/share/alexina/fr », needed by « lefff.dat ». Stop. What seems to be the problem?...