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Skeleton Smoothing not working properly

I have to apply smoothing over the skeleton Joints. I have used Joint Filtering proposed at this link, but it is not giving correct result. Is there is any other filter or anyother way to apply the smoothing to the Skeleton? For example: I have passed all Kinect Joints to...

get OpenCV Mat variables of rgb and depth information from pcl openni grabber

I'm now using pcl openni grabber to get point cloud from kinect cameras. But I also want to get OpenCV Mat variables for the rgb and depth information. Does anyone know how to achieve this? Thanks a lot!...

Storing and adding past point clouds from kinect using point cloud library and ROS

I am trying to build a local map by adding point clouds from Kinect using iterative closest point from Point Cloud Library and ROS Hydro in Ubuntu 12.04. However, I am not able to add consecutive point clouds together to update the map. The problem is that the aligned pointcloud...

Unable to use the 'Gesture Detection using Kinect' from the Kinect SDK samples

I am using Gesture Detection to detect a gesture which in turn triggers a method call to save an image. Here's the code in C# for the MainWindow which uses the classes for GestureDetect and GestureResult from the samples in the Kinect SDK. What I want to do is get...

Opening Kinect datasets and/or SDK Samples

I am very new to Kinect programming and am tasked to understand several methods for 3D point cloud stitching using Kinect and OpenCV. While waiting for the Kinect sensor to be shipped over, I am trying to run the SDK samples on some data sets. I am really clueless as...

Is Kinect SDK 2 compatible with Xbox 360 Kinect?

I am trying to develop a face recognition app for fun using Kinect for Xbox 360. I would like to figure out which SDK and version of Visual Studio should I use for best access to the Kinect.

Kinectv2 normalizing depth values

I am using Kinect v2 to capture the depth frames. I saw Kinect SDK 1.x codes in C++, they used this BYTE depth = 255 - (BYTE)(256*realDepth/0x0fff); I want to know, what is the purpose of this command and do I need to use this also for Kinect v2? If...

Using Kinect gesture detection

I am trying to use gesture detection in my Unity application but I cannot get it to compile. I have trouble instantiating a VisualGestureBuilderFrameSource object. My investigation has led me to the following posts : How to use a Visual Gesture Builder database with Unity3D Plugin? https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/42a4059a-e8b4-4ffd-87e7-757e19dcd7ca/how-to-load-a-vgb-database-with-unity-plugin?forum=kinectv2sdk#4c895477-b120-4806-9f3c-5930b07ac8a1 As explained, I...

BodyFrameReader.AcquireLatestFrame always returns null

I'm using the Kinect (v2) plugin for Unity (5.0) to animate a body. I'm using the code below, but BodyFrameReader.AcquireLatestFrame() always returns null: private KinectSensor _sensor; private BodyFrameReader _reader; void Start() { _sensor = KinectSensor.GetDefault(); if (_sensor != null) { _reader = _sensor.BodyFrameSource.OpenReader(); if (!_sensor.IsOpen) { _sensor.Open(); } } }...

Transform coordinates from one Kinect 3D space to another

Im currently tracking a Skeleton Joint real world coordinate in multiple Kinects. But these coordinates are expressed in relation to each Kinect coordinate space. What i want to do is elect one of the Kinects as the "Master" and have all others transform their coordinates to this Master Kinect's coordinate...

Undefined reference to libusb_get_parent() - compiling freenect

I'd want to install some libraries in order to connect a Kinect 360 in a Raspberry following this link: http://www.kdab.com/setting-up-kinect-for-programming-in-linux-part-1/ First, I checked this on Ubuntu and all was fine. However, when I want to build libfreenect (with make) this error is shown: ../lib/libfreenect.so.0.5.2: undefined reference to 'lisusb_get_parent' collect2: ld...

What is the difference between Depth Data and Point Cloud?

I cant figure out the difference between depth data that we get from device like Kinect which contains xyz and depth information and the point cloud data. can someone please explain it to me. thanks in advance.

My application slows down when processing Kinect RGB images with EMGU library

I'm currently using Kinect SDK with C# ( WPF application). I need to get RGB stream and process the images with EMGU library. The problem is when i try to process the image with EMGU ( like converting image's format and change the colour of some pixels ) the application...

Dispose found in existing C# code. Should I get rid of it?

I found the following code in a Unity3D project using the Kinect v2 which I have taken over. I'm paranoid so I thought I'd check before I delete it. But surely there is no reason for these two lines?? colorFrame.Dispose(); colorFrame = null; This is C#. It has automatic garbage...

openni grabber on linux

I am using Point Cloud Library 1.7.2 on Linux. PCL is working fine though the pcd_write example works. But when trying to run openni_grabber it displays a window screen with three rectangles red, green and black. I have checked that the Kinect XBox is working by running NiViewer and it...

Does libfreenect2 support Kinect v2

I have to work with the Kinect v2 in Linux for a project and am searching for compatible libraries. It is unclear as to whether the Open Kinect project has cracked the Kinect v2 yet.

Kinect V2 Background Removal - Cutting of an pixels over foot and Hair

I have implemented Background remove functionality(aka : Green Screen Implemetation) using kinect in my Windows-RT application over there the noise of pixels (Jitter) is very high at foot area as well on hair of the acquired user so how to reduce this noise of pixels ?

Kinect V2 javascript joints object is empty

While developing win 8.1 store app using kinect v2 , i had some issue , and this is a part of my code : mysensor = WindowsPreview.Kinect.KinectSensor.getDefault(); mysensor.open(); console.log(mysensor); var isopen_timer = setInterval(function () { if (mysensor.isOpen) { console.log("sensor is opened"); myreader = mysensor.bodyFrameSource.openReader(); myreader.addEventListener('framearrived', handleFrame); clearInterval(isopen_timer); } }, 10);...

Face Tracking object's position in depth stream of Kinect V2

I have used Green screen effect in my code & now need position of the eye, Mouth & Nose which will be able to track & use i think via Camera or Color Stream so because of that not able to get proper position inside the green screen detected body...

Visual Studio 2013 and Kinect SDK 2.0 Cannot find or include

I am learning Kinect development using C++ in Visual Studio 2013 (Desktop version on Windows 8.1). I have downloaded the Kinect SDK 2.0 from Microsoft. According to my understanding, NuiApi.h is part of Kinect SDK 2.0. However, I cannot include it (#include says Cannot open source file). Have searched my...

Kinect 2 hand detection with Candescent NUI

someone know if the new kinect, have support for Candescent NUI? I want detect fingers and hands with Candescent, but I can't find if the new OPENNI, kinect, NITE or microsoft SDK have support for the new kinect, accepted too work with Candescent NUI.

How to use right hand gesture in kinect v2?

I am using kinect (V2) for developing a gesture based application in WPF. I am able to scroll the image, zoom it, get the click event. Now what i need to do is use the right click gesture using kinect. What is the gesture to use right click using kinect...

Kinect v2, mapping from color frame to camera space

I have one pixel in 1920*1080 color frame, and I need to know it's location in camera space in meters. I know I should use CoordinateMapper class, but the method CoordinateMapper.MapColorFrameToCameraSpace documented here takes depth frame as input. I'm confused: shouldn't the input be a color frame? I want to...

Return barcode location in the image while decoding with zxing

In my current project, I need to know how to get the location of the barcode in the image with zxing, in pixel or range of pixels. My image source is Kinect v2. The main purpose is to associate barcode with body frame, which requires the location information. I'm using...

How to detect the line of sight of a person using kinect?

Currently I am working on a project using Kinect which requires me to know the where the person is looking at that time, for which I figured out I need to find the line of sight of that person. Right now, I can find the head point of the skeleton...

Faces not getting detected from Kinect Feed

Below is the code for a method which I am using for detecting faces from Kinect Feed and then setting the pixels from the face into a new image. . It is triggered by a Gesture which is done by GestureFlag . The Detect method which I am calling from...

How to clone an unserializable object? (C#)

I am working with Kinect for Windows version 2 and meet a problem. I try to serialize the Body object and send it through the Internet. However Body object is not sterilisable. Although I can extract some key information from a Body object and create my own object, I may...

Convert cv::Mat to openni::VideoFrameRef

I have a kinect streaming data into a cv::Mat. I am trying to get some example code running that uses OpenNI. Can I convert my Mat into an OpenNI format image somehow? I just need the depth image, and after fighting with OpenNI for a long time, have given up...

USB3 Controller & Kinect 2

I recently updated a PC to Windows 8.1 in order to make it compatible to Kinect v2. It's an ASUS N53S with the following specs: CPU: Intel Core i7 - 2670QM (2.2GHz) RAM: 16 GB GPU: GEForce GT 550M USB3 Controller: Fresco Logic xHCI When running Kinect v2 Configuration Verifier...

Microsoft Kinect for Windows Camera driver not found

I'm working with Microsoft Kinect for Windows using SDK 1.8. It automatically finds all of the drivers required, except for the Kinect Camera driver. Because of this, whenever I run a progra,m it gives an exception at: sensor.Colorstream.Enable(); When I use Xbox 360 instead it works perfectly fine. Can anyone...

How to make a unblocking call in csharp

I am developing a Kinect Application which does age/gender classification.I have developed a code which will take snapshots of the color stream and after cropping the image around the head joint will do gender classification on the image using face++ api. System.Timers.Timer myTimer = new System.Timers.Timer(); myTimer.Elapsed += new ElapsedEventHandler(TakeImagesTimely);...

Kinect as Motion Sensor

I'm planning on creating an app that does something like this: http://www.zonetrigger.com/articles/Kinect-software/ That means, I want to be able to set up "Trigger Zones" using the Kinect and it's 3d Image. Now I know that Microsoft is stating that the Kinect can detect the skeleton of up to 6 People....

Kinect depth Segmentation frame rate

I am new to kinect project And I am implementing a depth threshold when distance is greater than 400mm for (UINT y = 0; y < pImg->rows; ++y) { // Get row pointers for Mats const USHORT* pDepthRow = depth->ptr<USHORT>(y); for (UINT x = 0; x < pImg->cols; ++x) {...

Kinect depth data ONLY

Is there a way in linux (raspbian) to capture only the depth data stream from a kinect? I'm trying to reduce the amount of processing needed to capture Kinect information so I want to ship the data stream to another computer to assemble the data. Note: I have freenect installed...