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Adding fields in KeystoneJS

there is any way to add new fields like tags or list of strings for each post? I want to make something with more filters. There is any tutorial on how to post and read in DB? This Jade is so weird for me.

The sequence of setting up keystone v3?

I would like to set up keystone V3. After studying the reference from the Internet, some confused me. This one creates an admin domain to v3 endpoint with default v2 policy.json first and then changes policy.json. Another one changes policy.json and modifies endpoint to v3 in database first. Which one...

OpenStack Designate: '_AuthTokenPlugin' has no attribute 'register_conf_options'

I have recently started to use OpenStack. Here's the problem: I am setting up Designate for OpenStack (DNSaaS) and I have set it up accordingly to the instructions here -- https://designate.readthedocs.org/en/latest/getting-started.html With the "noauth" auth_strategy, the API and Central services are working correctly, but I was looking for integration with...