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KendoUI Popover $compile issue

I have directive which is a wrapper around KendoUI kendo-tooltip and I'm instantiating it like this: <div my-directive-popover="options"> </div> Inside my code I replace my-directive-popover with kendo-tooltip like this: $element.attr( 'kendo-tooltip', popoverName ); At the end of pre compile function I have to of course compile this so it's recognized...

Display Kendo Tooltip only on F2 keypress event

I have a kendo grid with datas. I make the kendo grid selectable by row. Before I used kendo tooltip to display the details of the selected row in tooltip. Now my client requirement is when selecting the row it cannot show the kendo tooltip on mouseenter or click. After...

Chart Shared Tooltip Title

So I have a chart which has a shared tooltip across multiple series. This is a time-based series, with categories of each hour in a day. I'm able to correctly format the labels in the chart just fine. The issue I have is that I can't seem to change the...