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Unable to install npm package hosted on a private registry with jspm

I am trying to get jspm working with a private npm registry (which mirrors the public registry). I used the endpoint config tool to configure jspm from .npmrc appears to work successfully GAVINJ:jspm-test gavinj$ jspm endpoint config npm npmrc found, would you like to use these settings? [yes]: npm registry...

Typescript file exporting interfaces comes up 404 using JSPM

I'm using Typescript 1.5. I started using jspm. I have a few files that just consist of interface exports. In my tsconfig the module is set to 'system'. It seems to not like files that are just exporting interfaces. It's giving me 404 errors, looking for them in the dist/app...

How do I configure my index.html with Systemsj to use an existing bundle?

I have a small TypeScript helloworld application that uses the aurelia.io framework from a bundle file and configured using SystemJS. When I run my app, the compiled typescript version of my helloworld.ts throws an error which reads: TypeError: define is not a function at System.register.execute (http://localhost:9000/src/helloworld.js!eval:31:13) at t ... Seems...

Unit testing with Karma on an Angular 1.3/JSPM/Babel project

So I'm setting up an angular 1.3 es6 project using jspm and babel. Im using es6's import/export feature. I have karma and karma-jspm installed and can run basic tests without an issue. When I try to import one of my modules into a test to test it, I get an...

Integrating JSPM workflow with Wordpress development

Im trying to adopt JSPM as my package manager for Wordpress development but im failing at loading the main app file. This is usually done with <script> System.import('./app'); </script> The problem im running into is that jspm fails to load this file, trying to load in context of the current...

Can anyone explain what es7 reflect-metadata is all about?

Been studying ES6, JSPM & angular2 for a week now and I found this repo ES6-loader if we look at the index.html at the bottom script you'll see System.import('reflect-metadata') .then(function() { return System.import('app/index'); }) .catch(console.log.bind(console)); This is using JSPM's systemjs polyfill to get ES6's import. Question: What is the reflect-metadata...

Import jQuery Plugin with JSPM

I'm trying to import the jQuery plugin jQuery.scrollTo with JSPM. So far I installed it with jspm install npm:jquery.scrollto and now I'm trying to import it with import $ from 'jquery'; import scrollTo from 'jquery.scrollto'; Now I'm only getting $(...).scrollTo is not a function errors. I tried to shim it,...

change jspm_packages location

Is there a .bowerrc equivalent in jspm? When I run jspm install, I'd like jspm to install the packages to client/jspm_packages folder. How can I configure jspm to change location of jspm_packages folder? Thanks...

Does webpack allow to run my app without building like jspm?

I was just wondering about this. Can webpack work in the browser without doing any builds, like JSPM? Or is it the same as browserify? I looked at the official docs and found no mention of this.

How to connect Aurelia to Firebase?

Is fbh-firebase-util compatible with aurelia? How to use it? fbh-firebase-util via jspm: jspm install github:djindjic/fbh-firebase-util...