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How to model directories and files using schema.org types with JSON-LD syntax?

I'm trying to model the concept of folders (or directories) and files. Folders can contain files, or other folders (arbitrary nested recursive structure, like on your typical filesystem). I would ideally like to start with a schema.org context and base type, and extend that to represent these entities. For various...

Creating a JSON-LD Context: Properties missing

I try to create my own Context for a project. However, after using Compact some Properties will be missing. Please see this example: { "@context": { "myvocab": "http://localhost:8080/schema.json#", "Information": { "@id": "myvocab:Information", "@type": "@id", "name": "http://schema.org/name", "active": "http://schema.org/Boolean" } }, "Information": [ { "@type": "myvocab:Information", "name": "myCustomName", "active": "true" }...

Enabling Google Sitelinks Search Box

I want to enable Google Sitelinks Search Box for a website. The point is its custom search page is implemented by hash fragment so the JSON-LD data snippet is like this: <script type="application/ld+json"> { "@context": "http://schema.org", "@type": "WebSite", "name" : "my site", "alternateName" : "example.com", "url": "http://www.example.com/", "potentialAction": { "@type":...

Best JSON-LD practices: using multiple