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Getting JGroups Message Contents

Is there a way to access the contents field of a message in JGroups? I've set up a receiver to receive messages from nodes in a cluster. They are receiving sent messages, except that all messages are prefixed with the source. I'm currently using message.getObject()....

JGroups fetch IPAddess/bind_addr from a received Message

I have a 3 node JGroups cluster working fine. Is there any way to retrieve bind_addr property from the other nodes via communication protocols? Essentially, I am trying to fetch IP address of the sender (on the receiver), or the IP address of the dead node in the changed view....

Liferay 6.2 clustering issue with multicast

I am trying to cluster ehcache and lucene with Liferay 6.2 EE sp2 bundle on 2 servers with mutlicast enabled. WE have Apache HTTPD servers fronting tomcat servers using reverse proxy. A valid 6.2 license is deployed on both the nodes. We user the following properties in the portal-ext.properties: cluster.link.enabled=true...