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Why are screenreaders not speaking this dialog correctly?

We have a modal dialog being popped up using jquery, just to alert a user of some info before they start using the main part of the application. Nothing complex, but for some reason all the browser/screenreader combinations I've tested with fail to read all or part of the dialog....

Why does Chrome have issues with JAWS screen reader?

Often, I have observed that Chrome and JAWS do not work very well together, while Firefox works seamlessly with JAWS.

Best way to make Jaws read a page element

I'm trying to change content of iframe in a webpage and want Jaws screen reader to read only that content. For this, i have used jQuery("#vn_space").focus(); But this doesn't seems to work properly in all browsers. For IE9, Jaws not reading links as 'links' and in FF it is not...

Adding tabindex to all the DIVs

I know DIVs and P elements are not inherently focusable and can be made to be one by adding tabindex attribute. I am trying to make a Screen Reader friendly website and was wondering if it is necessary to have tabindex on each and every DIVs and P on my...

Is there anything that shows what works/doesn't for various screenreader/browser combinations?

I'm enhancing the UI for an application to be more compatible with screen readers. The problem is I keep running into issues and I'm beginning to suspect that it' due to the screen reader itself. Right now I'm mostly testing JAWS 15 with IE 8 (due to corporate limitations it's...