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Avoid Adding Event Multiple Times

I am dynamically adding events using addEvent("keydown", function() {}); to an element. My problem is that there are times when this code get's run on the same element twice or more. The behavior becomes clunky as the function registered for that event runs a couple of times. Is there a...

polymer on-click event inside content wont trigger?

I'm very new to Polymer so don't shoot me.. How do I use the 'core-icon-button' on-click event to trigger a method that is contained inside of its parent polymer-element aka 'my-component'. Below is an example of what I'm trying to achieve. You can see that there is an element called...

does jquery .on() support for “load” or “ready” events?

For attaching click event handler to dynamically loaded html ,I could use : $(document).on("click", "Parent_SELECTOR_Available_In_Initial", function(e){ /// Do some stuff ... }); I dynamically load some html mark up and java script which contain methods need to be run on ready or load event . But $(document).on("ready", "Parent_SELECTOR_Available_In_Initial", function(e){ ///...

Avoid onRowClick event when outputLink is clicked inside of RichFaces datatable

How to avoid the call to onRowClick on the datatable on the column that has the outputlink (target to a new window)? <rich:dataTable id="dt" value="#{bean.cars} var="_car"> <a:support event="onRowClick" action="#{action.navigateToCarDetails(_car.id)}"/> <rich:column> <f:facet name="header">Select</f:facet> <a:commandLink onclick="Event.stop(event)" action="#{bean.toggleSelectedCar(_car.id)}" reRender="dt" ajaxSingle="true" limitToList="true"> <h:graphicImage...

Add payload to vanilla JavaScript Event

Is there a way to add payload to vanilla JavaScript event like you can do in jQuery? // jQuery $(document).trigger('event', payload); // Vanilla JS window.dispatchEvent(new Event('event', ??? I guess I have to use my own Event Bus of some kind?...

How do I know, via key event code, if the character just entered in a