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JavaFX Moving 3D objects with mouse on a virtual plane

As I was creating my first 3D game in JavaFX - where you would be able to assemble ships from parts using the mouse. This presents a problem since JAVAFX seems to have no native metods that work for converting PerspectiveCamera screen 2D coordinates into the scene's 3D space. Here...

Union, intersection and difference between JavaFX 3D objects

Is there any way to perform Boolean operations like union, intersections and difference between JavaFX 3D objects, let's say for example between a Sphere instance, a Cylinder instance, and a Box instance. JavaFX 2D objects which inherit from Shape class already have union() and subtract() methods http://docs.oracle.com/javase/8/javafx/api/javafx/scene/shape/Shape.html I was wondering...

How to create a Video Wall like in the JavaFX 2.0 demo?

How do you create a video wall like in the JavaFX 2.0 demo here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXSmJYFrulY#t=411 For a start it doesn't have to be videos, it can be images as well. All I'd like to have is to place the nodes like they are in the video, i. e. in a...

Restricting a 3D object mouse drag movement to a plane in JavaFX

I'm using JavaFX to move 3D cubes around by mouse drag. The cube should stay on the plane spanned by x and z axis. My solution works fairly well, however if I move the cube too fast with my mouse or when it encounters an object with a certain depth...

Export JavaFX model to STL file

I would like to generate some shapes in JavaFX and export it to STL format for 3D printing. Is there a library out there to help with the export?

Place MeshVIew in Scene

I want to display a 3D figures on a MeshView in JavaFX. Since I want to build a simple model viewer I created tabs for clarity. One of them contains a group (meshGroup) where I add a SubScene (with the MeshView in a group) on runtime. I'm not able to...

How to convert a MeshView to a CSG object using JCSG library in JavaFX

I'm using the JCSG library for JavaFX. I have some MeshView objects that I want to convert them into CSG objects, is there a way to achieve this?...

How to fill a JavaFX Sphere with two Colors

How can I fill in JavaFX a 3D Sphere with a linear gradient like a 2d Circle? I work with the JavaFX Scene Builder. ...

JavaFX 2D text with background in 3D scene

For my project, I need 2D text inside a 3D scene (not as overlay!). So I've tried adding a BorderPane with Label/Text nodes to my scene: The problem is however, that the white background of the panel is at times overlapping with the label (they have the same depth apparently)...

JavaFX 3D TriangleMesh with transparency

I have a texture I want to use for a TriangleMesh (it's a simple cube). Some parts of the texture are transparent. When I put the texture on the mesh, it's black. Is there a possibility to change that? I would like to make it transparent. Appreciate your help, thanks...

Create Photo-Sphere similar to Google Map Photo-Sphere (JavaFX 3D)

Is it possible to create a photosphere in JavaFX that is similar to photoshpere in Google map? If yes, how?

Rotate a 3D object on 3 axis in JavaFX properly

So the method that I've used so far to rotate objects in JavaFX was that I layered it in 3 groups, each of them with a Rotate attached and locked to a single axis like so: Rotate heading, roll, pitch; Group normalrotate, rollrotate, verticalrotate; heading.setAxis(new Point3D(0,1,0)); normalrotate.getTransforms().add(heading); roll.setAxis(new Point3D(0,0,1)); rollrotate.getTransforms().add(roll);...

How to “add” two Triangle Meshes together in javafx?

I am making a 3D model of the volume generated by two functions: one as the base (in intersection of the x-axis), and the other as the height of the volume.This is achieved by approximating the volume of small parts, drawing that mesh, then adding all of the meshes together....

JavaFX: Rotated pane in the x-Axis or y-Axis doesn't render completly

Rotating a Pane around the z-axis (pointing outwards the screen) works just fine, however rotating it around the y-axis or x-axis in a 3D scene doesn't render it completly. For example: BoderPane b = new BorderPane(); b.getTransforms().add(new Rotate(180, Rotate.X_AXIS)); I'm trying to display text in bordered panels in a 3D...