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JRuby Java Version Compatibility

we want to upgrade our JRuby application from 1.6 (with Java5) to 1.7 (with Java7). I haven't found anywhere a support matrix or compatibility list. Does JRuby support any Java version out of the box? bye, selcuk....

Java 5 Multi threading, catch thread exceptions

I've got a class that generates threads (file i/o). I need to catch exceptions in the thread - I don't want to do anything fancy, I want to kill the main thread, rather, stop processing altogether so it can start over. If I catch the exceptions in the thread, that's...

Temporarily disable or prevent repainting JViewPort on scrolling with a mouseDrag

I have written a MouseListener as defined below so that I can move a JButton around to reorder the components that are within the JPanel. The JPanel is within a JScrollPane so that when multiple components are added they can be scrolled. The problem I have is that when dragging...