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Share text AND media with WhatApp Share Extension

I'm using a UIActivityViewController to enable the user to share photos and videos created with my app. I attached two UIActivityItemProviders to it: one for the media and one for a default text to use ("Created with..."). This works well for all share extensions I tested—except for WhatsApp. WhatsApp only...

Is it possible to create an iOS 8 sharing extension that opens the website in its app?

I'm building an app, and I was curious if there's a way to open the app when you're on the website through the iOS Safari extension. So, if I'm on a post I'd tap the app icon in the share sheet and I'd pass that to the app to load...

NSItemProvider loadItemForTypeIdentifier:options:completionHandler: for any kind of (binary) file

I am implementing iOS Share Extension for my app, and I want to be able to get any kind of file into my app extension (e.g. a binary file of any type shared from Dropbox). How can I achieve this behavior? loadItemForTypeIdentifier:options:completionHandler: expects a UTI, I've tried providing an empty...

App is not showing in the share menu of shared options in shared extension in iOS8

I'm developing share extension for my app. Every thing is fine, but i'm facing one main problem, my app is not in the share menu while sharing from photos app. Below is the plist of my shared extension. It's not showing in the list, below is the screenshot: But when...

About app extension in the safari

I customize a share extension, I set it on in the safari, it's showed, but when I open the safari next time, it's not showed in the safari menu and the switch of my share extension is on, why ? who can help me, thanks very much!! ...

Action Extension Trying to Retrieve a File

I'm trying to create an Action Extension in iOS 8. Starting with a new project I created a single view application and added a new target for the Action Extension. The default Action Extension template is configured to display an image. When I share from Photos the image shows up...

How to get bundleId of the source app when using share extension in IOS8

I wanna know which app calls the share extension to share image to my app(its bundleId or appName). But I found no way to do it. There is none information about the source app in NSExtensionContext. I would greatly appreciate any help.

iOS Share Extension that Manipulates a Web Page

I'm trying to figure out how to get my share extension to access a web page and manipulate its contents. I've followed the documentation but I must be missing something because I am not seeing any items conforming to kUTTypePropertyList as I thought I was supposed to. My plist looks...

share extension showing only under the more section in UIActivityViewController?

I had an application in which i made a share extension.But My point is For the first time it is coming only in the more section of the UIActivityViewController.not coming independently like Facebook or twitter.Can anybody help me on this issue to find out anything missing in my configuration..

Use storyboard in share extension

The extension Share when we created it, is automatically created one file called mainInterface.storyboard, which in this case seems to be a kind of custom screen for the share Extension. In my case I changed this screen and to my surprise when I select my application to give share, it...

ios share extension post button title

I want to change the title of post buttons in SLComposeServiceViewController. I managed to get the UIButton: NSArray* subviews =[self.navigationController.navigationBar subviews]; UIButton* postButton =[subviews lastObject]; and i tried to set title like this: [postButton setTitle:@"Save" forState:UIControlStateNormal]; but the title not changed. Can anyone help me with this? I saw Evernote's...

Share extension - beginRequestWithExtensionContext not called

I've have a share extension for an iOS app that has a custom UI. When running the extension the storyboard is loaded and the UI presented OK, but beginRequestWithExtensionContext isn't called. The (simplified) view controller code: class ShareViewController: UIViewController, NSExtensionRequestHandling { // This is called… override func viewDidLoad() { super.viewDidLoad()...