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DynamoDb with sort?

I'm very new to the Dynamo Db concept so forgive me if my question is a bit stupid I have a file how looks like that Appel,www.appel.com,www.cnn.com,www.bla.com.... Blabla,www.test.com,www.fox.com,www.bla.com..... test,www.test.com,www.fox.com,www.bla.com... www.appel.com,300 www.cnn.com,400 and so on. In short each line is 1: a word and all the URL's she in them 2:...

can solr find all of the terms of a field of a document?

solr uses inverted index to find the document from the indexed "terms". but what I wonder is that - is there any approach to know all of the terms which refer to a specific documents? thanks...

MapReduce Inverted Index Program

Why am I not able to pass values.next() (which is IntWritable object) to the files hashset which also is IntWriteable?(REFER THE REDUCER CLASS) import java.io.IOException; import java.util.*; import org.apache.hadoop.fs.Path; import org.apache.hadoop.conf.*; import org.apache.hadoop.io.*; import org.apache.hadoop.mapred.*; import org.apache.hadoop.util.*; public class LineIndexer{ THE MAPPER CLASS public static class LineIndexMapper extends MapReduceBase implements...