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How to get class object of a function in hooked function?

I recently started to work on application interception using madhookc hooking library.I am hooking the methods called in the application to do manipulation of text. At one point i got stuck and need your help. I have a paragraph of text in which in which some text is Bold and...

How use IInterceptor in Castle.DynamicProxy?

I wrote an example like this Simple Calculator class : public class Calculator { public int Add(int a, int b) { return a + b; } } implemented "IInterceptor" that provided by DynamicProxy [Serializable] public abstract class Interceptor : IInterceptor { public void Intercept(IInvocation invocation) { ExecuteBefore(invocation); invocation.Proceed(); ExecuteAfter(invocation); }...

How to map Spring Interceptor

I'm trying to map a Spring Interceptor so it catches every '*.do' request, but I can only make it work in a 'single level'. My Interceptor mapping path is "/*.do", and I can only intercept URIs like /app/action.do If I request /app/anotherLevel/action.do the Interceptor is not triggered. I've noticed that...

How to get @interface parameter in jersey WriterInterceptor Implementation

I have an interface, for example @NameBinding @Retention(RetentionPolicy.RUNTIME) public @interface AutoLogged { boolean query() default false; } How can I get query parameter in interceptor implementation? @Provider @AutoLogged public class AutoLoggedInterceptor implements WriterInterceptor { @Context private ResourceInfo resourceInfo; @Override public void aroundWriteTo(final WriterInterceptorContext context) throws IOException, WebApplicationException { try {...

Setting response header using interceptor?

I'm writing jax-rs end points. For some set of end points (existing code), I want to set an extra response header which was actually generated in @AroundInvoke interceptor and set to HttpServletRequest attribute. In @AroundInvoke I'm able to access HttpServletRequest using @Inject. But it seems I cannot access HttpServletResponse in...

Angular development and using services into run app

I was wondering if anyone could help me understand why i can't get my code works. I have put a session check in the run method from my main module, everything for the checking part works well but for some reasons when i try to launch the modal to reconnect...

How to intercept Spring MVC serialized response?

I want to intercept Spring servlet response just at the end of the request. I mean, what i want to do is to log service response, that json which services returns and the statusCode. That is all what i want to log. For that, i've already tried using HandlerInterceptorAdapter like...

Stop Apache CXF logging binary data of MultipartBody attachments

I need to stop CXF from logging the binary data of attachments in a MultipartBody object (which is being thrown out by the AbstractLoggingInterceptor in the Outbound Message). When I add my LoggingInInterceptor, I am setting setShowBinaryData to false, but this doesn't seem to stop binary data within a multipart...

Changing request parameter value in Struts2 interceptor

Does anybody know if it is possible to change/remove request parameter values in a Struts2 interceptor? The request parameter Map is an instance of UnmodifiableMap so it doesn't look like it can be manipulated with in the interceptor. UPDATE: I'm using Liferay so uParamsMap will be an UnmodifiableMap public String...

Intercept and retry call by means of OkHttp Interceptors

I need to retry request inside of OkHttp Interceptor. For example there is incoming request which needs Authorization token. If Authorization token is expired, server returns response with 403 code. In this case I am retrieving a new token and trying to make call again by using the same chain...

JSF Interceptor doesn't fire

Why my interceptor doesn't work? MyLog.java @Inherited @InterceptorBinding @Retention(RUNTIME) @Target({METHOD, TYPE}) public @interface MyLog { } MyLogger.java @Interceptor @MyLog @Priority(Interceptor.Priority.APPLICATION) public class MyLogger { @AroundInvoke public Object log(InvocationContext context) throws Exception{ System.out.println("begin " + context.getMethod().getName()); Object obj = context.proceed(); System.out.println("end " + context.getMethod().getName()); return obj; } } PerguntaController.java import interceptor.MyLog;...

Angular : intercept specific request with $resource

I'm new to Angular, and am working on an interceptor. I created an angular factory to get some data from an API like that : app.factory('Connection',['$resource',function($resource) { return $resource('url',{param1: '1',param2: '55'},); }]); I also created the interceptor which looks like that : app.factory('connectionInterceptor', function($q,$location) { var connectionInterceptor = { response:...

Whats the differences between IInvokedMethodListener and IMethodInterceptor in TestNG?

Whats the basic difference between Interceptor and Listener in java? If i add both, which will be invoked first?

Castle Windsor Interceptors and Registering by Convention

I'm currently using Castle Windsor to manage dependencies for my application. I'm currently using the Classes.FromAssemblyContaining to register all components of a given type IFoo<> and would like to register an interceptor for all of these classes. I can get the interceptor to work when I register individual components like...

Best way to prevent unauthorized user on Angular site from seeing site for a split second before being redirected to login?

I am currently building an Angular front end on a site that pulls much of its data from an API that requires authorization via login. I have built the following authInterceptor that works well and redirects users to the login page if a 401 error is sent from the server:...

Intercept Unathorized API calls with Angular

I am trying to intercept the 401 and 403 errors to refresh the user token, but I can't get it working well. All I have achieved is this interceptor: app.config(function ($httpProvider) { $httpProvider.interceptors.push(function ($q, $injector) { return { // On request success request: function (config) { var deferred = $q.defer();...

x-access-token not intercepting in angular.js

When i use chrome extension called POSTMAN to call an api api.get('/me', function(req, res) { res.json(req.decoded); }); return api; Using x-access-token as a header with a valid token value, i get a valid respond. When using interceptor i copied from online tutorial i get this error message: http://localhost:3000/api/me 403 (Forbidden)...

How to register an org.apache.aries.blueprint.Interceptor in OSGi Karaf?

tl;dr: Title is self-explanatory. I'm trying to implement a simple Interceptor to invoke methods of registered services in an OSGi Karaf environment. The services are published via blueprint configuration and, although there are working examples how to intercept CXF web-services, I can't find any documentation of how to register an...

How intercept response and modify response body with play framework 2.2.x? [closed]

I need to intercept request and response. I have already intercepted request. But I cant intercept response and get response body with java. I need to intercept response in play framework 2.2.x with java

how to create an email interceptor between gmail accounts

this is the project we have. We send an email, through some email service to client1 with a specific return address. They reply via gmail or whatever, and that hit's our email service and is forwarded to our api. We process that email and then forward it on to client2....