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Trouble downloading PNG images in Android

I am facing a problem downloading PNG images from my server to my Android app. The problem is specific to PNG images (JPG works fine), and the issue is that the downloaded files are corrupt images. I will explain in more details, below. Scenario : I need to download JPG...

Android Application which loads images from web services on a server

I am developing an android application which loads images from web and app running only on 2G networks.Now what factors will you consider while developing it? any help on this question ?

Download The Images By Node(request)

I want to down some image on the site ,the image are saved by http://a.com/1.jpg http://a.com/2.jpg http://a.com/3.jpg So, I write the code to do it My code is: var request = require('request'); var fs = require('fs'); var mkdir = require('mkdirp'); var preUrl = 'http://a.com/'; var dir = './images'; mkdir(dir, function(err)...

Android Null Pointer Issue

I've been using this site for ages, but this is the first time I've actually been unable to find an answer to my question. I'm following along with an online tutorial in order to add image thumbnails to my app from an RSS feed. I keep experiencing a NULL Pointer...

java.io.eofexception when downloading files from remote server to android phone

My objective is to download 200 .jpg files that are in a remote server to my android phone (running jellybeans). In order to do that I'm running below method in a loop with different file names assigned to the filename parameter. It runs well untill I download 70 files. after...