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Why does an exception about ambigious controllers with attempted errorhandling mess up the pipeline?

I'm experimenting with some error handling, and this specific error seems to mess things up. I have a HttpModule (see below) that subscribes to the HttpApplication.Error event handler, where I clear the errors and write some dummy response content. This works fine with "normal" application errors, however when I get...

Publishing MVC 6 site with Visual Studio 2015 CTP 6 to IIS

I am trying to publish a site to IIS that I am developing using MVC6 (beta 3) with Visual Studio 2015 (CTP 6). I have publishing set to target the x64 version of KRE. All goes well with the publishing, and no errors are reported, but I cannot get the...

URL rewrite on IIS 8.0

I have installed URL rewrite module on the IIS 8.0 and configure rules If user come without www and it will prefix www If user comes from http then it will redirect to https If user comes from mobile browser than it sends to mobile website Below are the rules...

Owin Hosted NancyFX app returns Could not load type Nancy.Hosting.Aspnet.NancyHttpRequestHandler once published to IIS

While it works perfectly when run locally through VS Studio's included IIS Express, my application chokes once deployed to IIS 8: System.Web.HttpException: Could not load type 'Nancy.Hosting.Aspnet.NancyHttpRequestHandler'. Back-end is MS Owin, written in VB (.NET 4.5), which registers 3 middlewares: OAuth server, JWT bearer Authentication, and Nancy. Front end is...

HTTP Error 401.2 - Unauthorized (for DefaultDocument)

I am getting a 401.2 error on the default document in VS2013 (and IIS). Here are the steps I'm taking: In VS2013, right click choose "New Project" Choose "ASP.NET Web Application", click OK Choose "Empty" project, Check "Web Forms" at the bottom and click OK Right click on the project...

iis 8 website not opening

I have create new web site in IIS 8. I have configured my web site like this http://ip:8080/ When I browse it from any public network it is not opening. But If I open is locally it works fine. http://localhost:8080 it is working fine. What I tried I stop all...

Unable to download the .7z extension file through application

Am trying to download the .7z file using our website application.But it shows the below error. HTTP Error 404.3 - Not Found The page you are requesting cannot be served because of the extension configuration. If the page is a script, add a handler. If the file should be downloaded,...

How to remotely stop/start an application pool in IIS 8

Caveat: using one line each! I had these commands for use in IIS 6, and they worked just fine. Start: (get-wmiobject -namespace 'root\MicrosoftIISv2' -computername 'REMOTE_SERVER' -class 'IIsApplicationPool' | where-object {$_.Name -eq 'W3SVC/AppPools/MY_FANCY_APPPOOL'}).InvokeMethod('Stop', $null)" -and- Stop: (get-wmiobject -namespace 'root\MicrosoftIISv2' -computername 'REMOTE_SERVER' -class 'IIsApplicationPool' | where-object {$_.Name -eq 'W3SVC/AppPools/MY_FANCY_APPPOOL'}).InvokeMethod('Start', $null) I'm looking...

Unable to set default document in IIS 8

My Application is upgraded to windows 2012 on IIS8. Application functioning is also as expected. However, IIS8 does not provide facility to set separate default document pointing on different port but referring same virtual directory. Request let me know the solution to configure this on IIS 8

URL Rewrite causing redirect loop

An issue has been frustrating me today in setting up a URL Rewrite in an old .Net Webforms website (EDIT: It is a Web Site project, not a Web Application project, if that is making a difference). The site I'm working on is linked to a lot, all linking to...

How to gracefully close a two-way WebSocket in .Net

I have a WebSocket server that accepts a stream of binary data from a client and responds with another stream of text data for every 4MB read. The server uses IIS 8 and asp.net web api. Server public class WebSocketController : ApiController { public HttpResponseMessage Get() { if (!HttpContext.Current.IsWebSocketRequest) {...

Web Application Works Localhost but not Remote

Folks, I am with boring problem that is taking too much time from myself. I have an Web Application in ASP.NET MVC working properly when I run the project directly from my machine. Otherwise, when I publish the project on server (Windows Server 2012) I try to make it works...