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Android: iBeacon - read its advertisement (e.g txPower)

I have a problem here right now as I'm trying to read the tx-Power from my Onyx iBeacon. I've read multiple suggestions and tried so many code on the internet, but I still can't figure this out. I'm using android lollipop and tried the iBeacon tutorial from https://github.com/devunwired/accessory-samples/tree/master/BluetoothGatt for a...

Beacon Notification when the app is not running on Android

I am aware if it is possible to wake up an app when the user is close it a beacon. It know it is possible to do it on iOS. I have not found a clear solution on the web. Do you know if it is possible?

Android lollipop show notification, if beacon in specific range

Could anyone please share any steps to show notification when beacon came in specific range in android lollipop.

Kontakt.io iBeacon gets scanned with too much interval on Android

I bought 3 kontakt.io iBeacon and I had no problem to create the code in order to scan them on IOS but for android I'm having some problems.. The error is that I can correctly scan the iBeacons once but after that they doesn't gets scanned anymore or they gets...

AltBeacon application crashes on Android tab

I have been trying to use the AltBeacon Monitoring Example Code to monitor my Kontakt.io beacon as described http://altbeacon.github.io/android-beacon-library/samples.html here. I could import the library (android-beacon-library-2.1.3.aar) in my android studio (1.0.2) and there is no error in the monitoring code. But when I want to run it on my tab...

send local notification when finding a Beacon on Android using Kontakt.io beacons

I really need to understand how to start a service in order to scan for beacons even if the app goes on background, I took a look at the admin app I found on Github but I can't really understand how it works.. Does anyone has a simple piece of...

Get continuous iBeacons info with Android AltBeacon Library

I am developing an Android app using AltBeacon Library from RadiusNetworks. I am using a nav-drawer (which launches activities, not fragments) to show different sections. Thus I have one main activity for the drawer which launches different activities by means of intents. I would like to have nearby iBeacons info...

Nexus 5, BootstrapNotifier and background mode

I work on an app that use AltBeacon library. So far, it's wonderful, but now i have a problem with Background mode. So when i exit my app, i call mBeaconManager.setBackgroundMode(true);. 2 cases : - I have at least 1 beacon nearby : the method didEnterRegion is well fired and...

Battery consumption between Monitiring and Ranging

I am using Alt Beacon to monitor and range beacons. Monitoring always happens based on the foreground and background scan times. Once a region is entered, ranging is started and ranging is not stopped. I have the following questions about ranging 1. Does ranging still happen even if the beacon...

How to change power Estimote beacons?

I'm trying to deal with Estimote/Android-SDK Link Here I ran the demo, which is located on the github and it finds me all the sensors (6 pieces). But distance is incorrect. My main question is how to change the power of the sensor, which is why it is active at...

Start an app in the background after detecting beacon

So have a class that extends Application and implements BootstrapNotifier and RangeNotifier that works on the background. When the app is first open it works fine and detects well the beacons and the information of the beacon but now need it to start automaticaly in the background when the device(tablet/phone)...

Android Beacon Library works well on one Android 4.4 device, but not another

UPDATE: I have tried a more direct approach (see EDIT 3, below) which yields an interesting lack of data from the beacon on the watch. Details on non-working device. Smartwatch (Generic) listed as Bluetooth 4.0 capable MTK6572 chipset Model number EC720 (there seem to many variants) Android 4.4.2 Kernel: 3.4.67...

How to connect to beacon by android beacon library and change beacon's data fields

I use this sdk: http://altbeacon.github.io/android-beacon-library/samples.html My app already detect all beacons (AprilBeacons), I can get all info from beacon. BUT I should change major\minor, etc. fields and I don't know How to connect to beacon and save new data. I create new beacon builder like: Beacon changedBeac = new Beacon.Builder()...

AltBeacon : onBeaconServiceConnect not called when BeaconConsumer Binded From DidEnterRegion BootstrapNotifier callback

I'm writing an Android App custom Class that utilises AltBeacon's Android-Beacon-Library. Instead of posting the class, I am reproducing the problem using the reference implementation samples provided with the library. If I activate both monitoring (by implementing a RegionBootstrap) and ranging beaconManager.bind(new BeaconConsumer()...) directly in onCreate(), everything works perfectly. I...