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How to share files with all other devices from my iOS device through application? [closed]

I want to share files/data from my iOS app to other devices (ios and android), which have the application installed, through wireless communication. Is it possible? Please help me.

HM-10 and iOS/iBeacon. Communicating between the two

I am trying to wrap my head around the possibilities of the HM-10 but am very new to a lot of how it works. I am only familiar with higher level things. I originally thought I was going to use the hm-10 as an iBeacon but quickly found out it's...

Indoor Navigation using I-Beacon

I am doing an Indoor Navigation using I Beacon. I want to know the current location of the user. Is there any property for beacon like proximity or accuracy where i will get the distance of the beacon from the userLocation. Please help me to get the distance of the...

Is it possible to use an iBeacon to get the UUIDs of devices in proximity?

Is it possible to use an iBeacon to get the UUIDs of all devices in its radius? I tried searching this up, but I couldn't find a definitive answer.

Unable to detect ibeacon on iphone 6

Hi i have below code which works fine on iPod touch 5, but same code is not working on iPhone 6, i done research on same issue but i have not found anything useful. both devices have latest iOS. Both devices have iOS 8 // MapViewController.m // SidebarDemo // //...

How to get background updates for iBeacons without using locationManager didEnterRegion

I'd like to get background updates to my app for beacon proximity (entering a region) but I've just read on the Apple docs that: When testing your region monitoring code in iOS Simulator or on a device, realize that region events may not happen immediately after a region boundary is...

iBeacon - can detect using startRangingBeacons but not for didEnterRegion

I need to detect when the device enters or exits a region and performs some action based on this. Using the 'startRangingBeaconsInRegion' I can detect the closest iBeacon and change the background color based on this, and white if it can't detect an iBeacon. I can't get it to fire...

Beacon found but RSSI is 0, Accuracy -1 and Proximity unknown

I have written a Application detecting IBeacons (swift, IOS). While i can detect another iPhones RSSI, Accuracy and Proximity correctly, when detecting my beacon (Qualcomm), it gets found, but does not display any useful values for the mentioned Variables. Other Apps, downloaded from the App Store, also return the same...

How can i uniquely identify an iBeacon using android ALT Beacon library?

I have made my iphone 4s an iBeacon and able to detect this using Locate Beacon app from my Glaxy S4, 5.01, I have also detected this using beacon reference library by modifying its layout found from this question. Its showing the detect beacon in device logs from the library...

Ibeacon Navigation Controller and ViewController

Hi I am a beginner in stackoverflow and swift. I have a question about Ibeacon in swift. I follow this Tutorial and work. Unfortunately, I want to add a Navigation Controller, and there is an issue I can't solve it. In storyboard, I embed in Navigation Controller and set Storyboard...

How can I “refresh” my RegionBootstrap (Android Beacon Library)?

I am developing an Android app that works with Beacons (thanks to the usage of Android Beacon Library). I have an Application that extends BootstrapNotifier that calls a Controller (my class) method which creates a new RegionBootstrap. Everything works fine when the app starts and the Beacons related to the...

Remove CLBeaconRegion from monitoring depending on current location

So I was looking for a way to remove a BeaconRegion from the monitored regions depending on how far it is from my current location. I though I could use the center property, though I think I'm missing something... Because the latitude/longitude values are like not valid... po [region center]...

How deploy an large number iBeacons

I want deploy a large number of iBeacons with the same UUID because we can't access dynamically to the UUID of the beacons detected. What is the limit number of the maximum Beacons with the same UUID ? I found some discussions with a number of 65000 approximately, is it...

Estimote Beacons: Set up broadcasting interval

is ist possible to increase the broadcasting interval of an estimote beacon? I use CoreLocation to connect the beacons to my app. But now i want to put the rssi values of the several beacon in a kalman filter. But in the current state i get one value in a...

Android lollipop show notification, if beacon in specific range

Could anyone please share any steps to show notification when beacon came in specific range in android lollipop.

Estimote iBeacon error: Service not available

I am working on Estimote iBeacon project which will display properties of iBeacons. Now, my app shows the many properties of iBeacon but I want to change iBeacons major and minor values. When I change iBeacon's major or minor values, error message comes, which is "Service not available.".Here is my...

Detecting beacons via iBeacon Monitoring & Ranging vs CoreBluetooth scanForPeripheralsWithServices

There is a lot of confusion regarding the restrictions that are applied by the iOS on apps that want to scan BLE beacons\peripherals. After reading several blogs and stackoverflow answers, I want to see if I understand all the issues correctly. Please correct me if there is anything I misunderstood...

Battery drain issue while using iBeacons in iOS application

I am developing an iOS7+ application with iBeacon technology(Using estimote sdk 2.3.2). Now i am facing device battery drain issue while the app is running in foreground and background. Has any option for ranging iBeacons without using CLLocationManager?

Add data to iBeacon Advertising Packet

How can I add data (such as broadcasting its name) via iBeacon Advertising Packet? My current scenario: I have 3 transmitters and 1 receiver. But I can't differentiate among them, unless I turn on or off the transmitter one by one. How can I broadcast information to receiver? and how...

iBeacon: Get RSSI wit coreBluetooth

Is it possible to get the RSSI value of a beacon only with coreBluetooth? I have implemented the following code: let manager = CLLocationManager() var peripheralManager = CBPeripheralManager() var advertisedData:NSDictionary = NSDictionary() //test if there is a working bluetooth connection func peripheralManagerDidUpdateState(peripheral: CBPeripheralManager!) { switch peripheral.state { case CBPeripheralManagerState.PoweredOn: self.peripheralManager.startAdvertising(self.advertisedData...

iBeacon monitoring and ranging in background

I took several months developing an application based on iBeacons and I'm really frustrated. The general idea is that when a beacon is detected, the user is notified with information specific to that iBeacon. The application was designed as follows, all iBeacons have the same UUID, the Major determines the...

Precision of locating iBeacon device

I want to try to make with iBeacon device position of human hands. Does someone know, what is precision of getting iBeacon devices positions?

Silent push notifications and iBeacons

I have developed a small iBeacon based application, when the application detects one of our iBeacons makes a call to a web service to obtain a data set and send a local notification to the user. All this is working correctly. I have now raised the idea that these local...

Android: iBeacon - read its advertisement (e.g txPower)

I have a problem here right now as I'm trying to read the tx-Power from my Onyx iBeacon. I've read multiple suggestions and tried so many code on the internet, but I still can't figure this out. I'm using android lollipop and tried the iBeacon tutorial from https://github.com/devunwired/accessory-samples/tree/master/BluetoothGatt for a...

How does an iBeacon/sender/receiver handle collisions?

What is the theoretical/practical limit to the number of ibeacons you can have within their broadcasting range; there must be one. And what do they do, if anything to compensate should their signal constantly collide with another, unsure if they even know ? Anybody? Imagine you have 30 beacons within...

iBeacon: stabilize signals

Currently I have 3 transmitters and 1 receiver (4 devices are iPhones) setup allowing me to work on Trilateration. However, I found that the signals fluctuate a lot (even when 4 devices are put steady on tables). Is there any strategy to stabilize the signals? Should I calculate the average...

IOS: Available actions after iBeacon detection

If a locked iPhone detects an iBeacon signal registered with my app, can my app, during its ~5-10sec wake up time: contact my web server to send some data? send a predefined text message? access the iPhone's current GPS location? ...

AltBeacon : onBeaconServiceConnect not called when BeaconConsumer Binded From DidEnterRegion BootstrapNotifier callback

I'm writing an Android App custom Class that utilises AltBeacon's Android-Beacon-Library. Instead of posting the class, I am reproducing the problem using the reference implementation samples provided with the library. If I activate both monitoring (by implementing a RegionBootstrap) and ranging beaconManager.bind(new BeaconConsumer()...) directly in onCreate(), everything works perfectly. I...

android - Common API which detects all the beacons of different vendors

In my application, we are implementing the beacon functionality using Estimote sdk. But this sdk will detect only their products. Is there any API which detect all the beacons of different vendors and which gives beacon details like UUID,Major and Minor..Does anyone have an Idea. Please let me know.. thanks...

Check acceptance of NSLocationWhenInUseUsageDescription

I'm developing an application for iOS that deals with beacons and location management. In iOS 8, the application must include "NSLocationWhenInUseUsageDescription" key in the plist file, which will show in the app while launching to get the user's permission to enable location tracking. How can I detect whether the user...

Beacon / IOS CLLocationManager get current region

I'm doing a program who is looking for beacon, I implemented CLLocationManager and my apps works except one point. I'm calling startMonitoringForRegion() in order to get the didEnterRegion/didExitRegion callback. Inside these function I'm doing startRangingBeaconsInRegion()/stopRangingBeaconsInRegion() in order to get precise information when the user is in the beacon area. My...

Estimote Repeat Notifications

I am developing an iOS 8 app with multiple Estimote iBeacons. According to (https://community.estimote.com/hc/communities/public/questions/200966066-How-detect-multiple-beacons-iOS?locale=en-us), I implemented one BeaconManager, and registered it with two BeaconRegions. However, only the second beacon region works. Instead, I used two BeaconManagers and register one BeaconRegion for each of them. Now it works. However, a new...

Is there any good way to know when CLLocationManager's startMonitoringForRegion has completed?

From CLLocationManager.h: /* * startMonitoringForRegion: * * Discussion: * Start monitoring the specified region. * * If a region of the same type with the same identifier is already being monitored for this application, * it will be removed from monitoring. For circular regions, the region monitoring service will prioritize...

ibeacon will not work

In the info.plist : We have added the NSLocationAlwaysUsageDescription. On required background modes we have added ALL the bluetooth stuff( communicate and share data with bluetooth) and the location - "register for location updates" We have imported the location and bluetooth frameworks ,and foundation. We are starting the bluetooth with...

Beacon Notification when the app is not running on Android

I am aware if it is possible to wake up an app when the user is close it a beacon. It know it is possible to do it on iOS. I have not found a clear solution on the web. Do you know if it is possible?

Swift - Play sound when near a Beacon

I bought some beacons and started to play with them following some tutorials. I have a little problem now, with the following code I can successfully change the background color of my iPhone, but the sound (a 3 mins MP3) is looping after some seconds. How can I modify my...

Android IBeacon Minew

Could some please provide basic steps or sample,code to start with Beacon(Minew) stuff in android. I am having "Minew" beacon. Any help greatly appreciated. ...

Beacons in Windows Phone 8.1 - there are no possibilities?

First of all, yes, i have read all other similar questions. Secondly, i am developing app (WP 8.1 WinRT), which must use Beacons. I read a lot about it, and i know, that generally connection with BLE device is not possible without pairing it first. But hope dies last, so...

Kontakt.io iBeacon gets scanned with too much interval on Android

I bought 3 kontakt.io iBeacon and I had no problem to create the code in order to scan them on IOS but for android I'm having some problems.. The error is that I can correctly scan the iBeacons once but after that they doesn't gets scanned anymore or they gets...

How to connect to beacon by android beacon library and change beacon's data fields

I use this sdk: http://altbeacon.github.io/android-beacon-library/samples.html My app already detect all beacons (AprilBeacons), I can get all info from beacon. BUT I should change major\minor, etc. fields and I don't know How to connect to beacon and save new data. I create new beacon builder like: Beacon changedBeac = new Beacon.Builder()...

Updating app every 10 minutes within a beacon region

iBeacon and iOS devices can update the app based on didEnterRegion and didExitRegion. How do I update the app when it's within the region. Let's say I want to update the app every 10 minutes the user is within region. Another thing is I find iOS's detection of iBeacon is...

Beacons in Windows 10

Is there any way to use ibeacons with Windows 10 development? Since ibeacons development with previous versions of Windows seemed nearly impossible, will we have the oportunity to support this technology now? Has anyone started developing something like this?...

Kalman Filter for iOS

I am trying to get smooth rssi value from Bluetooth low energy beacons deployed at ceiling of my lab. I used Weighted-mean filter and moving average filter but couldn't get good result. Through various journal papers I got to know that Kalman filter can be used for this purpose. But...

iBeacon events while screen is off

I'm trying to trigger an event based on iBeacons It works fine when the app is running in the foreground, background but not suspended (screen is turned off with power-button) I can see the NSLog messages when on the lock screen, but not when the device screen is off. Is...

How much memory does Bluetooth Low Energy device has

Let's say I want to start transmitting advertising packets from a Blueooth 4 module attached to a Raspberry Pi. I am planning to use BlueZ library for the same. Have a basic questions regarding the same - How much memory does a typical Bluetooth device contains (is it standard or...

Disabling UILocalNotifications after closing app

I am using beacons in my app (app set to background) and I am setting series of UILocalNotifications on beacon:DidExitRegion: (kind of alarm when beacon is lost). Edit: When app is in the background, user exits region, then the notifications are set properly. When user wants to close the app...

Is it possible to change the didExitRegion Time using android-beacon-library

I am working with iBeacons and using the AltBeacon library. I would ask if it is possible to change the time between the last beacon was seen and didExitRegion is called. I found the public static long INSIDE_EXPIRATION_MILLIS = 100001, so I assume the time is 10 seconds. Is this...

didExitRegion not fired when turn off bluetooth

Im building a simple ios app with IBeacon, I'm monitoring a region but I have some issues with enter and exit events. If I go into a region the callback didEnterRegion is fired, but being within the region, turning off bluetooth doesn't fire didExitRegion callback. Is this the expected behavior?...

Beacon behavior when app is in the background

Disclaimer - I'm a server side engineer so my knowledge here is limited. Question - if my ios app is in the background, will region monitoring allow multiple events after the initial region has been entered? Use case - with the app in the background, a user enters a facility...

Get Distance From CLProximity

i am developing a beacon detecting app using objective c and i am getting beacon value as follow CLBeacon (uuid:<__NSConcreteUUID 0x174223ee0> XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX, major:0, minor:1, proximity:2 +/- 0.32m, rssi:-49) in this value i want to get the proximity as +/- 0.32m value but then i am accessing the proximity value i...

iBeacons and Android compatibility

I am attempting to create an iBeacon application on Android. However, I am not having much luck on finding resources on Advertisement formats and parsing for varying values with iBeacon. Apple's API's are exceptionally vague in these areas in describing the format of the packets. Does anyone have any advice/information...

iBeacon android app

I am busy with transmitting a Bluetooth Low Energy UUID via my Raspberry Pi. That setup is done and works to a satisfactory extent. But now my personal objective is to make a very simple android app, that catches this UUID and displays it on the android screen. So after...

Changing Gradient Background layer color for UiView IOS using CAGradientLayer classe

i want to change the color of my gradient background when i trigger an action. I tryed by many way with no succes. BackgroundLayer.h #import <Foundation/Foundation.h> #import <QuartzCore/QuartzCore.h> @interface BackgroundLayer : NSObject +(CAGradientLayer*) greyGradient; +(CAGradientLayer*) blueGradient; @end BackgroundLayer.m @implementation BackgroundLayer //Metallic grey gradient background + (CAGradientLayer*) greyGradient { UIColor *colorOne...

iOS8 UILocalNotification not working

I am using following code for local notification. But It is not working. Location is successfully being updated and it get into these methods but notification is not being fired. Any idea?: NOTE: It is working when the app is in background but not working when the app is closed....

Beacon trigger actionPayload available actions?

I just started learning beacons in MFP and have question concerning actionPayload for a trigger. Knowledge Center gives JSON example with "actionPayload" : {"alert" : "Avail lowest interest rate of just 7.5% on home loans!"} I'm trying to realize: What are the actions available except of alert? How could I...

iBeacon app for android and IOS doubts

I'm trying to learn something about iBeacon and I have a question: As far as I understood Apple provides API in order to develop iBeacons app since IOS7, but for android how does it work? The only thing I found is that It works only from version 4.3 (Is it...

Can't create location manually using iOS Estimote Indoor SDK

Can't create correct location manually - it always shows wrong position. Can someone tell how to do it right and show where I have wrong values in my code? Thanks. ESTLocationBuilder *locationBuilder = [ESTLocationBuilder new]; [locationBuilder setLocationBoundaryPoints:@[ [ESTPoint pointWithX:0 y:0], [ESTPoint pointWithX:0 y:7.46], [ESTPoint pointWithX:7.6 y:7.46], [ESTPoint pointWithX:7.6 y:0] ]];...

Issue in writing CBCharacteristic

I am currently working on an BLE app which scans my company beacons , i need to update the values for CBCharacteristic . I am not getting any error after my write function , but the change does not reflect on BLE device. I have scanned all CBCharacteristics and then...

What is the accuracy of an iBeacon

I can't really understand what accuracy means, I know that proxymity is a range of the iBeacon (immediate, near, far, unknown) based on the strenght of the signal, but what about accuracy? The doc says The accuracy of the proximity value, measured in meters from the beacon So does it...

iBeacon Region monitoring too aggressive

We are using IOS's iBeacon region monitoring to scan beacons. What is the recommended way(if possible) to control the size of individual region? We are placing the beacons too close to each others and the regions are overlapping. We would need regions to be smaller, even gaps exist between regions...

IOS: iBeacon scanning frequency when phone is locked?

If an iBeacon starts emitting (100ms), how long should it takes before a locked iPhone detects it? Let's say the iPhone is very close to the emitting iBeacon but my app is not even running in the background. In other words, what is the LBE scanning frequency when an iPhone...

How does an ibeacon compute accuracy in terms of advertising interval and samples collected?

I would like to know how an ibeacon computes accuracy if its advertsing interval is set to 200ms . Does it collects 5 samples of rssi, apply noise reducing algorithm and give the accuracy distance per second? Does the advertising interval have an impact of achieving good accuracy? I need...