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More than one firewall at Symfony2 project security.yml, how to deal with pattern?

I am working in a project where I will need two firewalls or secured areas. The first firewall/secured area will allow login/logout using HWIOAuthBundle using Salesforce as provider, the second firewall/secured area will allow login/logout through FOSUserBundle since this is for internal sysadmin and so on. I have a doubt...

FOSUserBundle + HWIOAuth security configuration failed

I'm trying to get FOSUserBundle and HWIOAuth working together for handle the authentication of two types of users: representatives and interns. The representatives ones would begin using HWIOAuth and would use Salesforce and internal FOSUserBundle. I'm trying to set everything but I have problems because Symfony throws this error when...

Symfony2 - HWIOAuthBundle How to get the information that I set on paths

I am implementing this Bundle in my project, but it provides the information fields Nickname, Username, realname, Email ... I also need the Firstname, Lastname and Birthday field How do I add or override these methods? My Settings: config.yml hwi_oauth: firewall_name: secure_area connect: confirmation: false resource_owners: facebook: type: facebook client_id:...

login in with form login and HWIOAuthBundle

I tried fulfill authorization via HWIOAuthBundle, but I have some problem. When i first registreret user via registration form then after logout, i tried login in via HWIOAuthBundle i have error: SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry '[email protected]' for key 'UNIQ_957A6479A0D96FBF' I followed this post. I substituted $user =...

Symfony - OAuth and basic auth together

So, I have this security: providers: fos_userbundle: id: hwi_oauth.user.provider.fosub_bridge firewalls: dev: pattern: ^/(_(profiler|wdt)|css|images|js)/ security: false main: pattern: ^/ anonymous: true logout: true form_login: provider: fos_userbundle csrf_provider: form.csrf_provider login_path: /login check_path: /login_check oauth: resource_owners: battlenet: "/login/check-battle-net" login_path: /login use_forward: false failure_path: /login oauth_user_provider: service: hwi_oauth.user.provider.fosub_bridge logout: path: /logout...

The child node “firewall_name” at path “hwi_oauth” must be configured

I'm doing a project with Symfony2 and I want to use Google/Facebook/Twitter for connection. So I installed HWIOAuthBundle, but I got this error when I update my composer.json "The child node "firewall_name" at path "hwi_oauth" must be configured.". Thanks for you help !...

HWIOAuthBundle error non-existent service “session”

I've looked at everywhare but could not find a reference to this: After configuring the HWIOAuthBundle and get a few problems solved I got the following error: ( ! ) Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Symfony\Component\DependencyInjection\Exception\ServiceNotFoundException' with message 'The service "hwi_oauth.resource_owner.google" has a dependency on a non-existent service "session".' in...

OAuth HwioBundle, different socialNetWork

I work to projekt in Symfony wich have regisrtation HWIOBundle for different social network. If user enter for example linkedin and some time for github I has two user in database. Who knows how to do was one?

ServiceNotFoundException: HWIOAuthBundle + Salesforce resource owner

I am trying to get HWIOAuthBundle the bundle installed & configured but I am having some issues. This is what I have done: 1) Enable the bundle at AppKernel.php: new HWI\Bundle\OAuthBundle\HWIOAuthBundle(), 2) Add this line to the config.yml: imports: - { resource: parameters.yml } - { resource: security.yml } -...