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Calling custom tagLib inside another custom tagLib dynamically

I have made two custom tagLibs, namely tabContainer and tab. def tabContainer = { attrs, body -> println("body: "+body()) out << '<div class="tab-content">' << body() << '</div>' } and def tab = { attrs, body -> out << '<div class="tab-pane '+${attrs.active == "true" ? "active" : ""}+'" id="'+attrs.id+'">' << body()...

g:select value disappears after populating the select

Im using g:select to that is populated with a list from controller! i pass the selected value as well from the controller when the select changed and submitted ! <g:select id="select" name="select" from="${someList}" value="${passedParameter_selectedValue}" noSelection="${['':'sth']}" optionValue='name' optionKey="id" /> When i debugged it so after submitting the values , my page...

Grails domain object not refreshing in gsp

I have a domain User, that hasMany queues. Adding and displaying queues works ok, but when i delete a queue from a user, the queue is deleted, but is still displayed in the browser. The view is refreshed only when i logout and login again. Where i remove them: def...

my checkbox pass value even unchecked - Grails

I have lots of checkbox element on my Grails form, one is this: <g:checkBox id="consolidate" name="consolidate" value="${true}" checked="${false}" /> Then on the receiving controller, I verify the value of the checkbox using this code: println params?.consolidate And it displays: on Regardless whether I've tick my checkbox or not. In other...

How to display value of map which is also a map in or