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SailsJS: Requiring Assets, Such As, sails.io.js

As the problem is short & sweet, I'll keep the question so. CAN'T LOAD ASSETS. Using Sails.js (v0.11.n). Can't load assets... That's about it... I'm trying to load sails.io.js -- or now even just assets/alert.js. <script type="text/javascript" src="/js/dependencies/sails.io.js"></script> Doesn't work :( Even when I switch the src to /alert.js --...

Force grunt-typescript to use node_modules/.bin/tsc

How do I force grunt-typescript to use the local typescript instance in my node_modules/.bin folder? My global instance of typescript is 1.4 and I want to try out 1.5Beta without affecting any other project I have.

Run parametrized task using grunt.task.run(taskname)

I did stackoverflow search and looked at Grunt API docs but couldn't find a way to run a parametrized task using grunt.task.run(taskname). I have a simple task which accepts a parameter and prints the message on console: grunt.registerTask('hello', 'greeting task', function(name) { if(!name || !name.length) grunt.warn('you need to provide a...

Yeoman angular grunt-serve vs http-serve

I've just used Yeoman to create an Angular project that looks great when I run grunt serve. But then I decided to view it by running http-server, and the page gets displayed without the formatting and without the images. Does anyone know why that is and if I'll run into...

How to configure Grunt with ASP.NET WebApi Project?

I am new to grunt and i want to use this with my current Asp.Net WebApi Single Page Application. For that purpose i want to know how we can configure Grunt with ASP.NET Project.. I am using Visual Studio 2013...

Grunt inject CSS file into