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Is there any way to find GPUImageFilter correspond CIFilter?

I wrote my iOS image processing app using CIFilters. Now I am going to replace the filters as GPUImageFilters. But I don't know how can I find the corresponding GPUImageFilters from previous CIFilters? Is there any way to find exactly same or similar GPUImageFilters with CIFilters? Some of CIFilter names...

GPUImage show histogram in another view

I am currently trying to display a histogram using GPUImage. I currently have following code: GPUImageOutput<GPUImageInput> *filter = [[GPUImageHistogramFilter alloc] initWithHistogramType:kGPUImageHistogramLuminance]; [self.stillCamera removeTarget:filter]; GPUImageGammaFilter *gammaFilter = [[GPUImageGammaFilter alloc] init]; [self.stillCamera addTarget:gammaFilter]; [gammaFilter addTarget:filter]; GPUImageHistogramGenerator *histogramGraph = [[GPUImageHistogramGenerator alloc] init]; [histogramGraph...