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Unit price is not updating while create items on eConnect

I was using eConnect to connect my .NET application to the Dynamics GP. This is my C# eConnect code to create/update an item on Dynamics GP. taUpdateCreateItemRcd GpLineItem = new taUpdateCreateItemRcd(); GpLineItem.ITEMNMBR = "iPartNumber"; GpLineItem.ITEMDESC = "iDescription"; GpLineItem.CURRCOST = 50.65; GpLineItem.ITMCLSCD = "classID"; GpLineItem.ITEMTYPE = 1; GpLineItem.Purchase_Tax_Options = 2; GpLineItem.UOMSCHDL...

sum of series AP GP clrs appendix A.1-4

I am trying to prove an equation given in the CLRS exercise book. The equation is: Sigma k=0 to k=infinity (k-1)/2^k = 0 I solved the LHS but my answer is 1 whereas the RHS should be 0 Following is my solution: Let's say S = k/2^k = 1/2 +...