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Parsing Google Custom Search API for Elasticsearch Documents

After retrieving results from the Google Custom Search API and writing it to JSON, I want to parse that JSON to make valid Elasticsearch documents. You can configure a parent - child relationship for nested results. However, this relationship seems to not be inferred by the data structure itself. I've...

How to remove some extra detail in google address auto-complete?

I want to use textbox with id 'autocomplete' only for searching and after searching i d'dnt want to store whole address in first input box i just want to store postal_code in first inputbox with id autocomplete, not in text-box with id 'postal_code' and one more thing it should also...

How to add search functionality in Google Map SDK in iOS?

i am newbie in iOS Development and Newbie to Google map SDK i want to put a Search Functionality in my Application through URL Schema of Google Map it is Possible if it is Possible then Please Give me solution for this, or any Resource for it. thanks.

Google Custom Search - Query database/API?

We're interested about using Google Custom Search / Google in our project, mostly due to the fact that it's amazing at conjugation & correcting misspelled words. We know that it can return data in JSON or XML, and we're fine with that. But finding an answer to question: Can we...

Google Appengine Search API to Datastore Query

I construct the Search API data like search.SearchResults( results= [ search.ScoredDocument(doc_id=u'4873035534303232', fields=[search.TextField(name=u'name', value=u'a'), search.TextField(name=u'description', value=u'b'), search.DateField(name=u'date', value=datetime.datetime(2015, 2, 16, 7, 21, 58, 188000)), search.TextField(name=u'author', value=u'[email protected]')], language=u'en', rank=130231318L), search.ScoredDocument(doc_id=u'5717460464435200', fields=[search.TextField(name=u'name', value=u'a b c'),...

Is it possible to use a document field as radius with distance function in Google search API?

I have stored circular approximations of trajectory data as documents via the Google Search API. That means I am calculating the circumcircle around an arbitrary trajectory and storing the middle point as geo point field with longitude and latitude into the document. In addition to that I save the radius...