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Google Identity Toolkit returns INVALID_CREDENTIALS

I'm currently trying to implement a forgot password feature using the Google Identity Toolkit. The PHP backend is trying to get the oob code because client (iOS) does not have sufficient privileges. Whenever I run the script I get an error of INVALID_CREDENTIALS, more specifically: oob Code: string(249) "{ "error":...

Custom ID providers with Identity Toolkit?

Is there a way to add custom identity providers with the Google Identity Toolkit? The default NASCAR doesn't support OpenID or Twitter. It appears that adding providers was possible in an old version of the toolkit, and that page indicates that they hoped to make doing so easier in future...

How to debug Cloudendpoints with GiTkit in the Android Emulator

I have set up some Cloud Endpoints in Android Studio and implemented an Authenticator (com.google.api.server.spi.config.Authenticator) which gets invoked with every call to a cloud endpoint. Now I want to use my authenticator to check the login from Android with GiTkit (Google Identity Toolkit). When I debug my endpoints I can...