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Set formula for adjacent cell if text is present

I'm working with a Google Sheets form which also accepts answers via text message. I'm trying to work out a method using Google Apps Scripts to split the body of the text message using a comma as a delimiter. The problem I'm running into is overwriting information submitted by the...

Can Google Forms Each submission be one file

Guys is it possible to get Each Submission of Google form instead of displaying all the submissions in one spreadsheet it should create a new file for each submission

Submit google form through angular without leaving page

I'm taking the POST data from a form field and sending it to a Google Spreadsheet through Google Forms. I would like to submit the form so that it does not redirect to the submission page for Google Forms on completion. Here is my form code: <form ng-submit="bookingForm()"> <input class="input-field"...

Link in Email to a Google URL not working

I'm trying to create a simple workflow using Google Forms which sends an automated e-mail for approval. function sendEmail(e){ var requestorEmail = e.values[1]; Logger.log('replyEmail: ' + requestorEmail); var SupervisorsEmail = e.values[2]; //manager e-mail var ApplicationID = e.values[3]; var ApplicationDate = e.values[4]; //dateconfirmationSent var ApplicantName = e.values[5]; //interpreter name var MBO...

Sort choices of a form item

I have a script that adds a choice to a form question upon submission. When added it shows up at the bottom. How can I sort the list of choices?

Uploading Image to Google Forms

google forms file upload complete example In reference to this question and excellent answer by Sandy Good. Since my question on the post itself was immediately deleted because reasons, I'll ask it here. I'm just wondering if anyone knows if it's still working. I did everything it says, and it...

Google Spreadsheets Script Keeps Writing Empty Strings

I have a Google form that gets submitted to a Google spreadsheet. On the spreadsheet side, I have a Google Apps Script that is supposed to encrypt the submitted password. But for whatever reason, it writes an empty string to where the encrypted password should be. This is really starting...

Calling FormApp within doGet(e) function

I am relatively new to scripting, so please be kind. I am trying to create a function bound to a Form within Google Apps, including a webapp which captures 3 variables (requestNum, approverNum, and status) and obtains various other information from the FormApp (e.g titles, responses, etc). I am receiving...

GAS to fill and submit a google form

I need a google form to load new data in to a google spreadsheet (not too hard). I need the users to validate older data already in a spreadsheet. My idea was to use the old data spreadsheet to fill the google form and populate the google form's spreadsheet. I've...

Issue manipulating the Spreadsheet connected to a Google Form

Sorry if this question has been answered before, I did not find any entries with this issue. I'm trying to set up a newsletter subscription service for our non-profit organisation. I'm using a Google Form to collect user input. OnFormSubmit a script on the form is to write additional information...

Google Apps Script - Sharing outside of domain

So I have followed the tutorial here, and everything works great... for me. google forms file upload complete example What I need to do is add the script to a Google Form, and allow users to upload an image along with the form. I know it will only put it...

How to get the last entry containing a certain value in Google Spreadsheet

I have an answer spreadsheet linked to a Google form. I wish to get the last date that and answer was submitted. Lets say I my entries look like this : DATA : A B 1 Date String 2 2015-05-09 Abb 3 2015-05-11 Bcc 4 2015-05-12 Cdd 5 2015-05-20 Bcc...

How To submit Google Spreadsheets via Google Api or via Curl

I tried to submit it via ajax but it displays cross origin request blocked..! so I can't post via ajax. so I am finding way to post it via Curl or using Google API. Any one have idea then please suggest me or give me example. Below is what I...

Upload files in Google Form - unexpected error

I copied this template from a link and edited it. However, everything works perfectly until I click submit and this message appears : Error encountered - unexpected error occurred. I checked the execution transcript and here is the problem: var targetRange = sheet.getRange(lastRow+1, 1, 1, 1).setValues([[Name,Nationality,EmailAddress,DonationAmount]]); I'm new at scripting...

“undefined” when trying to get values from spreadsheet with Google Apps Scripts

I'm getting an "undefined" error when I try to get the value from a cell in a spreadsheet. The thing is that if I execute the same command for a different cell I get the value in that cell. The only difference between those 2 cells is the way the...

Can we use Google App script outside google sites/apps? Is there any method to use the google app script commands from our server?

I can create the form on google docs by using google drive API. But im unable to find the APIs to design that form (adding fields/items). Can i have any solution like this - APIs to design the forms - can i use the google app script from my server?...

Modify existing form Values - GetChoices() not working

Why does '.getChoices()' not work for existing list items? I have the following code which gets an item in a form by it's ID, and I intend to update the values of the form item. However, when using the .getChoices() method, it fails with the error 'TypeError: Cannot find function...

With google forms and scripts is it possible to create a script which will limit the amount of points that user can give in all scale inputs?

I have a form with 10 scale questions going from 1 to 10. I would like to give each user 30 points and if they select more than 30 totaling on all scales, disable the submit button and show notification. I have added a script trough Tools->Script editor, but cannot...

Google form spreadsheet update script

I have some code for my form that works well for emailing the manager of an expense report for approval, as well as receiving a URL back with information needed to send the response back to the person who filled out the information on the form. all i need it...

How to prevent Google Forms from converting form input to scientific notation format

I have a simple script set up that sends emails based on Google form entries using a script-based VLookup to get the contact emails. In some cases, Google Forms converts longer numbers entered into the form field to scientific notation. A workaround I have been using is to enter an...

Google Forms with script transfer of ownership still runs script as previous user

I made a google script in a spreadsheet that responds on form submit. It modifies the files, makes a pdf and emails that pdf to specific people. This was made for someone else and then I transferred ownership. However, the edits to those files and emails sent, still appear under...

Google Forms: How can I edit the original responses to match new list options

I am using a google form. I have a question called "Weight Class" which was originally a text input. After a few submissions, I decided that I wanted to see them summarized in the Summary of Responses (like google does with dropdown list inputs), rather than just listed individually (like...

google script email form accept/reject

I wrote some macro code to send an email to a manager based on form submissions (to be used in a expense/approval process), this is my first project using google forms/spreadsheets so maybe i might be missing something simple, but i looked through 2 tutorials for this and my code...