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Use 3rd party user's (non-google accounts) with Google Drive Realtime API?

Can the google drive realtime api be used with a custom user database (non-google users) to manipulate a JSON object. I.e. similar way to firebase? If so, could you please provide recommendations on an authentication/authorization strategy? ...

How to get “Shared with me” files in google drive via API?

I think that I should use files.list request with "q" parameter. I don't know which value of q parameter I should to set.

How best to store a number in google realtime model, and get atomic change events?

Sounds pretty simple, however... This number holds an enumerated type, and should be a field within a custom realtime object. Here's its declaration in the custom object registration routine: MyRTObjectType.prototype.myEnumeratedType = gapi.drive.realtime.custom.collaborativeField('myEnumeratedType'); I can store it in the model as a simple javascript number, and initialize it like this: function...

Google Drive Realtime API - Read-only users (limits)

I am developing an application with Google Realtime API that will have to handle a large number of concurrent read-only users. Is there a specific way to declare that a user should open the concurrent model in a read-only mode? Is there a limit on the number of concurrent read-only...