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Validating Google OAuth id token received from oauth2/v4/token

We are currently using Google OpenId Connect to authenticate our users. I'm successfully retrieving the access token and id token via the token_endpoint as described here. Later on I validate the id token as described here. The token_endpoint will be received via the discovery document (as recommended by Google). Problem...

Is creating a user in my database from gapi.client.oauth2.userinfo secure?

I am registering a button with gapi.signin.render I then use gapi.client.load('oauth2', 'v2'); and gapi.client.oauth2.userinfo.get().execute(); I send the user email and name to my server to create an account for the user. My concern is, anyone could POST that info to my server, I'm not verifying anything. Is there a GET...

Same Google Cloud Storage upload script works from one PC, but not the other, Why?

I'm trying to upload a file to Google Cloud Storage from Node.JS (using gcloud package) with Service Account credentials and I get "invalid_grant" error (probably authorization error). When I try to do this from another computer - it work fine, the error only occurs on my PC. var gcloud =...

OAuth2 - How to allow only Google Apps users?

I have Rails web application. I have simple user's authentication with email and password. Now I need to add OAuth authentication with Google, but I need to allow only users that use Google Apps. Is there any best way to do it or I just need to check their domain...

Bluemix authentication ios8 with google and facebook

I am trying to implement two types of authentication from an iOS8 device in the bluemix platform. I succeeded in adding one type of authentication: google. I am using a ADVANCED MOBILE ACCESS module, and I am at the User Authentication part. It looks from a dashboard like I can...

Can I use Google flight api without an Api Key with the free quota (demo) in Java program

I want to use the google flight api in a non production way, I 'm develloping in java, I know that there is a free quota limited to 50 req/day, but how can use it having the search request requires an Api Key? Thank's

GoogleAuthUtil.getToken - No Value [Null Pointer Exception]

I'm attempting to use GoogleAuthUtil.getToken to generate a token that I can use to get A Notification Key . But one I run my app , it crashes. PS: I have already added the <meta-data android:name="com.google.android.gms.version" android:value="@integer/google_play_services_version" /> to the Manifest File Here is my java code package com.javapapers.android; import...

Generate an OAuth access token with openssl and c++

I need to get an access token (for a service account) for the google's OAuth authentication service. I tried several things an studied a lot of on the web but don't succeed. Basically i followed https://developers.google.com/accounts/docs/OAuth2ServiceAccount What i have done (VS2013): int _tmain(int argc, _TCHAR* argv[]) { Json::Value jwt_header; Json::Value...

CakePHP configuring HybidAuth google provider

I am using HybridAuth. I have already configured vkontaknte and facebook providers. Now I need additional one - google. Below the part of my config hybridAuth: 'Google' => array ( "enabled" => true, "keys" => array ( "id" => "my_id", "secret" => "my_secret_key" ), "scope" => "https://www.googleapis.com/auth/userinfo.profile ". // optional...