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Googe APPs managed “unlimited” account storage quota for service account

I have a Google account as a student. This account is managed by my university and recently the university informed us that students' accounts have now "unlimited" storage for Drive etc. To perform backups with this, I created a few service accounts in Google APIs console ([email protected]). But it turns...

GAS - Purchase Apps for business

I'm trying to help a school move to 'Google Apps' but i have concern. One of the features I need is to retrieve current user's email upon form submission..which is only available if i purchase 'Google Apps for Education'. Another concern is that since they already have existing email accounts,...

Disable webclips for Google Apps for Education Domain

Edition: Google Apps for Education Users Affected: All users Problem Description: Do we need to disable webclips for Google Apps for Education Domain. We are using ADMIN SDK api to create and manage users. After user is created we are using EMAIL settings API(Gdata API) to disable the webclips. Do...