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How can I add a watermark to a Gitbook book?

Is there a way to add a watermark to a book generated with Gitbook? Ideally to every page in a given section.

“Arguments to path.resolve must be strings” when calling 'gitbook build' from a Git hook

I am trying to run gitbook build within a post-receive Git hook on my (Gitlab, Debian 7, virtual private) server. Basically I want to: checkout the bare repository to a temporary dir run gitbook build in that temporary dir sync with the webspace through rsync The post-receive script runs something...

How do I enable syntax highlighting for Fortran in GitBook

Original Question: I can't find how to activate syntax highlighting on GitBook! It works perfectly when I look at the .md files on GitHub where my repository is hosted, by not when I look at my rendered gitbook on the web. Any ideas? Thanks Edit: it works for bash, Python,...